by PETER TATCHELL (reprinted from LAUGH MAGAZINE #3, 1992)

In the 1970s, BBC Television produced one o[ the most inventive comedy programs ever screened. The Goodies was a mixture of topicality, special effects and highly creative sight gags. Ostensibly a situation comedy, it was more akin to the great days of Mack Sennett one-reelers or their later equivalents, the cartoon. In a Goodies storyline, the link with reality would often disappear very early in the plot with the heroes heading off down some tangential joke sequence unrelated to the original premise.

Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie first worked together in the 1963 Cambridge Footlights revue A Clump of Plinths (although Garden was only involved on the writing side). The show, which also featured John Cleese, David Hatch and Jo Kendall, was given a West End season under the title Cambridge Circus and was later performed in New Zealand and finally New York.

A 30-minute radio version was broadcast in the BBC Home Service on December 30 1963, and led to a spinoff series called I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again which ran for some ten years and over a hundred programs. Garden joined the cast in late 1965 (in place of Cleese who was temporarily unavailable) and also contributed scripts for many of the sketches, usually in partnership with Bill Oddie. By the end of the show’s run, Garden and Oddie were writing the entire show themselves.
(see the Laughterlog profile of the series in the RADIO section) 

In 1967, Cleese and Brooke-Taylor took part in the landmark television series At Last The 1948 Show which adapted a number of I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again pieces, and paved the way for Monty Python. Later that year, Oddie (who’d occasionally appeared on the 1948 Show) and Garden fronted their own series Twice a Fortnight on BBC l. Broaden Your Mind followed in 1968 with Brooke-Taylor, Garden and Jo Kendall, and for its second series in late 1969 Bill Oddie joined the cast.

In 1970 the BBC Comedy Department signed Garden, Oddie and Brooke-Taylor for a follow-up, to be titled Narrow Your Mind. The setting was to be an agency run by the three, who would offer to do anything, any time, thus allowing a fairly wide-ranging format. By the time it went to air in late 1970 the show had been retitled The Goodies.

Early programs in the series adhered fairly closely to the idea of having the team hired to perform some task at the behest of a client, but eventually the motivation for their actions comes from the characters themselves. “Tim” is portrayed as a bit of an upper-class twit, staunchly loyal to Her Majesty and anything intrinsically British. “Graeme” is more often than not the mad scientist, adept at creating weird devices and strange concoctions which invariably backfire at a crucial moment. And “Bill” is the champion of environmental causes, women’s lib or any of the other issues requiring a placard or a soapbox. To a degree they also represent the three levels of the class system, as satirised so cleverly by John Cleese and the two Ronnies on The Frost Report a decade earlier.

Despite a background of writing many hours of radio comedy, Garden and Oddie (and Brooke-Taylor for the first five seasons) were able to script a series which relied on visual humour for much of its success. Each episode included several slapstick action sequences which, instead of using piano accompaniment as in the old silent movie days, were backed by dozens of original compositions by Bill Oddie, and sung by the trio. Many of these were performed on commercial LPs released during the show’s run.

By the end of their second series The Goodies weas winning prizes, with a specially expanded version of the Kitten Kong story being awarded the Silver Rose at the Montreux Festival. In addition to the regular half-hour episodes of the programme, they also produced several special editions, including a send-up of Jack In The Beanstalk (screened on Christmas Eve 1974) and a mixture of political satire and well-known children’s characters titled Goodies Rule – OK? (aired at Christmas 1976).

The original concept had by now become so flexible that the Goodies could be encountered in different time eras, from ancient Rome to the year 2001, UFOs and space creatures appeared from time to time, and on more than one occasion the team (and indeed the whole planet) was wiped out, only to return (cartoon-like) on subsequent programmes.

Following the popularity of their recording career, they even devoted an entire show to a pop-concert version of their musical numbers (abandoning a plot entirely).

Apart from their BBC appearances, the Goodies were also featured in the all-star 1976 Amnesty International fundraising concert A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick (and the television documentary about its staging Pleasure At Her Majesty’s). Following the Python trend of bursting into print, they compiled three souvenir books The Goodies File, The Goodies’ Book Of Criminal Records and The Making Of The Goodies’ Disaster Movie, all of which proved popular with fans and collectors.

After more than sixty programs with the BBC, the team switched networks and went commercial in 1981, producing a further seven episodes for London Weekend Television. Now, instead of parodying advertisements (as in their earlier BBC editions) a Goodies watcher was “treated” to the real thing. The format was still the same, but after only one season the trio hung up their trandem clips and went their separate ways.

And for two decades the Goodies disappeared from view … in Britain anyway. But on the far side of the planet, new generations of fans were created when ABC television in Australia regularly aired repeats at 6:30pm weeknights. In 2000, these antipodean addicts decided to stage a 30th anniversary convention in Melbourne and Tim Brooke-Taylor flew out to attend the 3-day event (with Bill and Graeme taking part in a special video link-up).

The success of the gathering led to a stage show The Goodies Still Alive – on Stage in March 2005, with Tim and Graeme presenting clips and answering questions from audiences in major Australian cities. The venture was repeated in Britain soon after. And finally, in 2005, the BBC commissioned a 90-minute special Return of the Goodies with all three Goodies taking part.

In 2019, a Goodies movie was mooted, but it was not to be. A year later, on Easter Sunday 2020, Tim Brooke-Taylor succumbed to CoViD19, aged 79, and the team was irrevocably broken.

Episode Guide

Series 1
1 November 8 1970 The Tower of London
Guest star: George Baker
A plainclothes Beefeater seeks the Goodies’ help when someone is found to be pilfering the beef at the Tower.
2 November 15 1970 Snooze
Guest star: Roddy Maude-Roxby
The Goodies are asked to help market a sleeping potion, but Graeme’s improved formula causes serious problems.
3 November 22 1970 Give Police a Chance
Guest stars: Paul Whitsun-Jones and Roland Macleod
The Goodies are hired to improve the image of the police, but a force of peace-loving hippies is not exactly what’s required.
4 November 29 1970 Caught in the Act
Program exists in black-and-white only.
Guest stars: Liz Fraser and Mollie Sugden
A lady cabinet minister asks the Goodies to retrieve some damaging photos from the notorious Playgirl Club.
5 December 6 1970 The Greenies
Guest stars: George Benson and Richard Caldicot
The Goodies must save the environment from the experiments of an Army research establishment
6 December 13 1970 Cecily
Guest star: Ann Way and Robert Benal
The Goodies are engaged as gardener, cook and nanny in a household where strange goings-on are going on
7 December 20 1970 Radio Goodies
If starting a pirate radio station is such a good idea why not a pirate Post Office?

Series 2
1 October 1 1971 Scotland
Guest stars: Stanley Baxter and Bernard Bresslaw
The Goodies agree to help a zookeeper find a suitable inhabitant for his newly-built monster cage
2 October 8 1971 The Commonwealth Games
Program exists in black and white only
Guest star: Reginald Marsh
The Goodies must represent their country at the Commonwealth Games and do battle with competitors from August Bank Holiday Island
3 October 15 1971 Pollution
Guest star: Ronnie Stevens
To counteract London’s atmospheric gunk, the Goodies decide to do a bit of aerial plant spraying from their flying trandem
4 October 22 1971 The Lost Tribe (of the Orinoco)
Guest star: Roy Kinnear
The Goodies mount an expedition to locate a missing professor somewhere in the wilds of darkest Kent
5 October 29 1971 The Music Lovers
Guest star: Henry McGee
The Goodies stage a three-day rock concert to help catch the person responsible for the disappearance of the world’s greatest musicians
6 November 5 1971 Culture for the Masses
Guest stars: Julian Orchard and Tommy Godfrey
To stop the drain on Britain’s artworks, the Goodies try to attract public support by turning the National Gallery into a theme park
7 November 12 1971 Kitten Kong
Original version no longer exists, but an amended version was prepared for the Montreux Festival.
When Bill opens a veterinary clinic, Graeme develops a super pet food, which has disastrous effects on a cute little kitten
8 November 19 1971 Wicked Waltzing (aka Come Dancing)
Guest stars: Joan Sims and June Whitfield
The Goodies find a ballroom dancing championship is full of bitterness and intense rivalry
9 December 10 1971 Farm Fresh Food
Guest stars: John Le Mesurier and Frank Thornton
While visiting Tim’s uncle, the Goodies encounter a fully computerised farm, complete with mechanised animal husbandry and battery hens (batteries not included)
10 December 17 1971 Women’s Lib
Guest stars: Allan Cuthbertson and Gaye Brown
Bill reports the other Goodies to the Women’s Libbers for their sexist behaviour, and Tim is forced into a spot of cross-dressing to see how the other half lives
11 December 31 1971 Gender Education
Guest stars: Beryl Reid and Richard Wattis
A “Keep Filth off Television” crusader hires the Goodies to produce a nice sex education film
12 January 7 1972 Charity Bounce
Guest stars: Freddy Jones and Jonathan Cecil
As part of a fundraising campaign for worthy causes, the Goodies convince Sparklypegs Toothpaste to sponsor them in a bounce against want
13 January 14 1972 The Baddies
Guest stars: Patrick Troughton and John Junkin
The Goodies’ chances of winning a national popularity contest are not helped when a rival competitor creates three nasty look-alikes of them

Engelbert and the Young Generation
BBC1 January 9 to April 2 1972 (13 episodes)
The Goodies provided a short sketch in most episodes

April 9 1972 Montreux Edition
Special remake of Kitten Kong (see November 12 1971)
Guest star: Michael Aspel 

September 24 1972 A Collection of Goodies
includes a selection of sketches from Engelbert and the Young Generation

Christmas Night with the Stars
BBC1 December 25 1972
featured a Goodies sketch: The Goodies Travelling Instant Five Minute Christmas

Series 3
1 February 4 1973 The New Office
Guest star: Joe Melia
After waiting months for their office to be modernised, the Goodies move into a
deserted railway station but are menaced by giant earth-moving machines
2 February 11 1973 Hunting Pink
Guest star: Erik Chitty
When Tim inherits a large estate by pretending to be a keen huntsman, Bill and Graeme decide to thwart his plans to promote the cruel sport
3 February 18 1973 Winter Olympics
Guest star: Peter Jones
The Goodies are asked to represent Britain at the Winter Olympics but because the snow is so slippery to ski on they decide to melt it
4 February 25 1973 That Old Black Magic
Guest star: Patricia Hayes
When the Goodies agree to help a witch, Graeme becomes possessed and goes over to the dark side before transforming into a gibbon
5 March 4 1973 For Those in Peril on the Sea
Guest star: Henry McGee
The Goodies embark on a voyage of exploration only to run afoul of a wealthy shipping and pollution magnate
6 March 11 1973 Way Outward Bound
Guest stars: Joan Sims and Bill Fraser
Unable to make money by supplying young volunteers to the rigors of a tough education course, the Goodies dress as children and enrol themselves

July 7 1973 Superstar
Bill succeeds in being recognised as a great musician and is given his own rock opera

Series 4
1 December 1 1973 Camelot
Guest star: Alfie Bass
When Tim is asked to mind his uncle’s castle, the Goodies decide to turn it into an amusement park
2 December 8 1973 Invasion of the Moon Creatures
Guest star: Patrick Moore
The Goodies’ trip to the moon is plagued by lunar rabbits who return to earth intent on conquest
3 December 15 1973 Hospital for Hire
Guest star: Harry H. Corbett
The government closes all the hospitals to save money so the Goodies must step in to cure the nation’s sick

December 24 1973 The Goodies and the Beanstalk (45 min)
Guest star: Alfie Bass
The Goodies quest for the goose that lays golden eggs leads them through an “It’s A Knockout” course of obstacles

4 December 29 1973 The Stone Age
The Goodies fall through the earth’s crust and land in a prehistoric cavern where they set up house in the body of a tyrannosaurus rex
5 January 5 1974 Goodies in the Nick
Guest stars: Jack Douglas and Erik Chitty
The Goodies agree to help a police sergeant with a very low arrest rate, but are double-crossed and end up in jail
6 January 12 1974 The Race
Guest star: Bill Weston
The Goodies enter their mobile office in the annual Le Mans and are pitted against an evil baron intent on winning

Series 5
1 February 10 1975 Movies
The Goodies have set up their own film studio but internal bickering leads them to run amok through some of the great silent films
2 February 17 1975 Clown Virus
Guest star: John Bluthal
The Goodies are called in by the army when a strange plague starts turning people into clowns
3 February 24 1975 Radio 2 (aka Chubby Chumps)
Guest star: Michael Aspel
The Goodies take over the BBC’s Radio 2 and Tim becomes an entrant in the “Housewife of the Year” quest
4 March 3 1975 Wacky Wales
Guest star: Jon Pertwee
The Goodies travel to an island off the Welsh coast to take part in an eisteddfod but before long they’re involved in a pagan sacrifice ritual
5 March 10 1975 Frankenfido
Guest star: Magnus Magnusson
In an effort to thwart Tim and Bill’s entry at the Cruft’s Ideal Dog Exhibition, Graeme invents a creature with a long snout and six tegs
6 March 17 1975 Scatty Safari
Guest star: Tony Blackburn and Sheila Steafel
The Goodies set up a safari park containing popular television personalities, but a herd of Rolf Harrises escapes and causes havoc
7 March 24 1975 Kung Fu Kapers
Guest star: Michael Barratt
Bill has become a master of the ancient art of Ecky-Thump and the only way to restrain him is to hotwire his supply of black puddings
8 March 31 l975 Lighthouse Keeping Loonies
Guest star: Patrick Moore
The Goodies are put in charge of a lighthouse which is soon launched into space
9 April 7 1975 Rome Antics
Guest star: Roy Kinnear
A group of Goodies in ancient Briton are despatched to Rome where they invent, the Olympic Games for the Emperor
10 April 14 1975 Cunning Stunts
Guest star: Tessa Wyatt
Bill cannot marry his ladylove until her eccentric (but very rich) father can be made to laugh
11 April 21 1975 South Africa
Guest star: Philip Madoc
The Goodies are kidnapped and taken to South Africa where they replace apartheid with a system that discriminates against short people
12 April 28 1975 O.K. Tea Rooms
The Goodies go mining for strawberry jam and scones, and a very nasty poker game ensues
13 May 5 1975 The End
Guest stars: Corbet Woodall and Sheila Steafel
The Goodies are trapped in their office which has been entombed under layers of concrete

May 10 1975 The Golden Rose
The Goodies host a feature about the Montreux Festival, with an extract from the episode Movies

December 21 1975 Goodies Rule – OK? (50 min)
Guest star: Terry Wogan
Britain has been taken over by a puppet government and the Goodies must do battle with Sooty, the Flowerpot Men and other television creatures

Series 6
1 September 21 1976 Lips or Almighty Cod
After Britain’s waters are fished out by the eskimos, Graeme invents a gigantic new species of cod to restock the oceans
2 September 28 1976 Hype Pressure
Guest stars: McDonald Hobley and Corbet Woodall
Tim becomes a power-crazed TV personality launching a nationwide revival of fifties Rock n Roll and national service, flower power and World War 2
3 October 5 1976 Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express
The Goodies entice the world’s greatest detectives to join their mystery trip aboard the Orient Express, but a group of Baddies interfere
4 October l2 1976 Black and White Beauty
Bill enters a pantomime horse in the Grand National, not realising it is inhabited by Tim and Graeme
5 October 19 1976 It Might as Well be String
Guest star: Raymond Baxter
The Goodies promote an exciting new product … string, and launch a mass-marketing campaign
6 October 26 1976 2001 and a Bit
Guest star: Oliver Gilbert
21st Century descendants of the Goodies rediscover the ancient game of cricket and search out the last survivors of the British test team
7 November 2 1976 The Goodies – Almost Live
Guest stars: Jacquie Sullivan and Joy Yates
The Goodies perform a selection of their greatest hits:
Please Let Us Play
Good Ole Country Music
Cactus In My Y-Fronts
Poor Old Soul
The Funky Gibbon
Throwing Up
The Inbetweenies
Black Pudding Bertha
Nappy Love
The Last Chance Dance
Wild Thing
The Goodies Theme

Series 7
1 November 1 1977 Alternative Roots
Guest star: Bryan Pringle
The Goodies trace their ancestry and discover they’re descended from the Black And White Minstrels, who are staging a revolt
2 November 8 1977 Dodonuts
Bill has located the world’s last dodo bird but must prevent Tim and Graeme from eating it
3 November 22 1971 Scoutrageous
Guest stars: Frank Windsor and Michael Barratt
Bill is fascinated by Tim’s involvement with scouting and sets out to collect all the merit badges, especially the one for world domination
4 November 29 1971 Rock Goodies
Guest stars: Jane Asher and Frank Thornton
The Goodies update their music to punk, and find their career path mirroring that of Cinderella
5 December 6 1971 Royal Command
Following a series of nasty accidents, the Goodies are asked to stand in for the Royal Family
6 December 22 1977 Earthanasia
Upon hearing the world is about to end, the Goodies confront their inner psychoses

Series 8
1 January 14 1980 Politics
Guest star: David Dimbleby
Margaret Thatcher is on the outer so Her Majesty asks the Goodies to take over the running of the country
2 January 21 1980 Saturday Night Grease
When Tim is refused admission to his local disco, Bill and Graeme set up their own extremely exclusive venue
3 January 28 1980 A Kick in the Arts
Guest stars: Ballard Berkeley and Roland MacLeod
Bill and Graeme set up a casino to help finance the British team for the forthcoming Olympics
4 February 4 1980 U-Friend or U.F.O.
Guest star: Roger Brierley
The location of the Goodies’ new restaurant “Knutter’s Knoll” is notable for attracting intergalactic aliens
5 February 11 1980 Animals
Guest stars: Mel Smith and Patrick Moore
A television discussion about animal liberation is disrupted by a doggy mutiny but escaping dressed as rabbits is asking for trouble
6 February 18 1980 War Babies
Guest stars: Geoffrey Palmer and Andrew Ray
During World War 2, two-year-old Goodies are sent behind enemy lines and construct a mechanical Winston Churchill

Series 9
1 December 27 1981 Snow White 2
Guest stars: David Rappaport and Annette Lyons
When three of the dwarfs need replacing, the Goodies apply for the job only to be confronted by eleven wicked princesses.
2 January 9 1982 Robot
To save money, Tim and Graeme sack Bill and replace him with a robot and, soon after, hire a strange bearded nanny to look after it.
3 January 16 1982 Football Crazy
Guest stars: Wayne Sleep and Kenneth Wolstenholme
Tim agrees to head a task force to stamp out soccer hooligans like Bill, but finds the crowds have moved into the world of ballet and set up teams of performers
4 January 23 1982 Big Foot
The Goodies set out to locate the mythical Arthur C. Clarke but end up creating a monster
5 January 30 1982 Change of Life
It’s Bill’s birthday but he and his fellow Goodies would rather ignore the fact that they may be getting a bit past it
6 February 6 1982 Holidays
It’s holiday time but Tim’s choice of a chalet away from it all turns out to be boredom personified
7 February 13 1982 Animals
Graeme’s pet shop is right out of pets, but luckily he has in stock a loveable little scamp called Bill.

BBC1 December 30 2005 Return of the Goodies (90 min) 



NO FIXED ABODE, CRICKLEWOOD – celebration of The Goodies
BBC Radio 4 Tuesday 11-30am May 25 and June 1 2004 (2 x 30 min)
hosted by Phill Jupitus



The Goodies and the Beanstalk
BBC 70082
December 24 1973 special

The Goodies
Video Collection VC 6008
Contains four episodes from the LWT series:
Football Crazy
Change of Life

The Goodies and the Beanstalk
BBCV 5370
contains The Goodies and the Beanstalk, plus The End and Bunfight at OK Tearooms

Kitten Kong
BBCV 5391
conatins Kitten Kong (Montreux version), Scatty Safari and Scoutrageous



8 Delicious Episodes
BBC 2DVD (2003)
Tower of London
Gender Education
Kitten Kong (Montreux edition)
The Goodies and the Beanstalk
Kung Fu Kapers
Lighthouse Keeping Loonies
Saturday Night Grease

… At Last a Second Helping
Network 2DVD (2005)
Radio Goodies
Come Dancing
The Movies
South Africa
Bunfight at the OK Tearooms
The End
Punky Business
+ segments from A Collection of Goodies and 1972 Christmas Night with the Stars

The Complete LWT Series
Network 2DVD

At Last … Back for More Again
Network 2DVD (2010)
The Music Lovers
The New Office
Goodies Rule – OK?
It Might As Well Be String
2001 and a Bit
Royal Command

The Secret Policeman’s Ball – volume 1
ilc DVD 2174
contains Funky Gibbon from Pleasure at Her Majesty’s

The Secret Policeman’s Early Bits
Umbrella DVD DAVID 2005
contains Funky Gibbon from Pleasure at Her Majesty’s


The Goodies Sing Songs From The Goodies
Decca LP SKL 5175, reissued as The World of the Goodies Decca LP SPA 416
All Things Bright And Beautiful
Ride My Pony
Stuff That Gibbon (from ISIRTA 8/6)
Mummy I Don’t Like My Meat
Show Me The Way
Goodies Theme
Sparrow Song
Taking You Back
Sunny Morning
Winter Sportsman

All Things Bright and Beautiful / Winter Sportsmen
Decca single F 13449

Stuff That Gibbon / Goodies Theme
Decca single F 13578 

The New Goodies LP
Bradley’s LP BRADL 1010 (Australia: M7 LP MLF-038) (1975)
Goodies Theme
Please Let Us Play
Custard Pie
Good Ole Country Music
Baby Samba (from ISIRTA 7/7)
Rock With A Policeman (from ISIRTA 6/2)
The Cricklewood Shakedown
Nappy Love (from ISIRTA 9/6)
I’m A Teapot
Working The Line
Funky Gibbon
Wild Thing  

The Goodies’ Greatest
Bradley’s LP BRADL 1012 (1976)
Goodies Theme
Funky Gibbon
The Inbetweenies
Nappy Love (from ISIRTA 9/6)
Last Chance Dance
Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
Black Pudding Bertha
Make A Daft Noise For Christmas
Charles Aznovoice (from ISIRTA 7/5)
Wild Thing  

The Inbetweenies / Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
Bladleys single BRAD 7421

Funky Gibbon/Sick Man Blues
Bradley’s single BRAD 7504

Black Pudding Bertha/Panic
Bradley’s single BRAD 7517 

Nappy Love / Wild Thing
Bradley’s single BRAD 7524

Make a Daft Noise for Christmas / Last Chance Dance
Bradley’s single  BRAD 7533

Bounce / Good Ole Country Music
Bradley’s single BRAD 7612 

Best Of  The Goodies (Australia only)
M7 LP MLX-150 (1976)
The Funky Gibbon
Black Pudding Bertha
Charles Aznovoice (from ISIRTA 7/5)
The Inbetweenies
Sick Man Blues (from ISIRTA 9/3)
Good Ol’ Country Music
Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
The Goodies Theme

Nothing To Do With Us
Island LP ILPS 9452 (1976) (Australia: Festival LP 36134)
The Policeman’s Opera
Cactus in My Y-Fronts (from ISIRTA 9/2)
Elizabeth Rules – UK
Blowing Off
I Wish I Could Get High
Synthesizer Man
She Wouldn’t Understand
I Wish I Had Something To Say 

Blowing Off / Elizabeth Rules – UK
Island single WIP 6360

The Goodies Beastly Record
Columbia LP SCX 9596 (1978)
Melody Farm (from ISIRTA 6/9)
Taking My Oyster For Walkies (from ISIRTA 6/2)
Spring Spring Spring (from ISIRTA 5/2)
Terrapins (from ISIRTA 9/1)
A Man’s Best Friend Is His Duck (from ISIRTA 4/11)
Spank That Hamster
Ironing My Goldfish (from ISIRTA 8/4)
Funky Farm
There’s A Walrus In My Soup (from ISIRTA 5/1)
Why Doesn’t An Elephant Go Tweet Tweet
I Am A Carnivore (from ISIRTA 5/12)
Elephant Joke Song

M.I.C.K.E.Y.  M.O.U.S.E. / Funky Farm
E.M.I. single EMI2784

A Man’s Best Friend Is His Duck / Taking My Oyster For Walkies / Rastashanty
Columbia single DB 9053 

The Goodies’ Greatest lists
E.M.I./Note LP NTS 233
Funky Gibbon
Black Pudding Bertha
Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
Nappy Love
Rock With A Policeman
I’m A Teapot
Spring Spring Spring
Good Ole Country Music
Wild Thing
M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.
A Man’s Best Friend Is His Duck
Melody Farm
Last Chance Dance
Charles Aznovoice
Taking My Oyster For Walkies
Make A Daft Noise For Christmas
Baby Samba

A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick
Transatlantic TRA 331
features a live version of Funky Gibbon performed at the 1976 Amnesty concert 

The Complete A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick
Castle 2CD ESDCD 153, (Australia: Castle 2CD ACSCD 020)
live versions of …
Funky Gibbon
Cactus In My Y Fronts (from ISIRTA 9/2)
Mummy Mummy Mummy
Sick Man Blues (from ISIRTA 9/3) 

Yum Yum – The Very Best Of The Goodies
Music Club CD MCCD 294 (1997)
CD reissue of material from the Bradley’s albums
Goodies Theme
Funky Gibbon
The Inbetweenies
Please Let Us Play
Custard Pie
Black Pudding Bertha
Good Old Country Music
Nappy Love
Baby Samba
Wild Thing
Rock With A Policeman
The Cricklewood Shakedown
I’m A Teapot
Working The Line
Sick Man Blues
Last Chance Dance
Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
Make A Daft Noise For Christmas 

Funky Gibbon – The Best Of The Goodies
Castle Pie CD PIESD 243
reissue of the above CD, minus four tracks …
Goodies Theme
Funky Gibbon
The Inbetweenies
Please Let Us Play
Black Pudding Bertha
Good Old Country Music
Nappy Love
Wild Thing
Rock With A Policeman
I’m A Teapot
Sick Man Blues
Last Chance Dance
Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
Make A Daft Noise For Christmas



no author credit (World Distrbutors, London. 1972)

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by Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie (George Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London. 1975)

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