by PETER TATCHELL (reprinted from LAUGH MAGAZINE #6, 1993)

 dadsarmyIn the late 1960s, scriptwriter Jimmy Perry found himself watching the Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace. Suddenly his mind’s eye took him back to an earlier parade . . . that of the Home Guard troop in which (as a boy) he’d served in World War II. Realizing the idea had potential on television, he and producer David Croft wrote a thirty-minute play about the unit and offered it to the BBC They too thought the situation had promise, and asked for a further five stories to make up a series.

The program’s leading players were to be Arthur Lowe (fresh from Pardon The Expression) and John Le Mesurier (who’d just concluded four seasons as the Colonel in George And The Dragon). Indeed the original idea was to have Le Mesurier in the role of Mainwaring, with Lowe as the sergeant, but wise heads reversed the parts before production began.

Also cast were Clive Dunn (old Mr. Johnson in the popular Bootsie And Snudge series), Arnold Ridley (actor and writer of the theatrical evergreen The Ghost Train), John Laurie (a familiar face in British films since the 1930s) and two relative newcomers James Beck and Ian Lavender, as the younger characters. Revue artist Bill Pertwee (coming from the successful radio series Beyond Our Ken and Round The Horne) was signed as the chief antagonist, A.R.P. Warden Hodges.

When the show premiered at the end of July 1968, its wartime setting was highlighted by the use of archival newsreel footage after the opening credits, and as an added touch, the great Bud Flanagan sang a specially written theme Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler?. It was to be his last recording and he died of a heart attack soon after.

Whether nostalgia for the dark days of the second world war, or the skillful blending of endearing characters and farcical (but believable) storylines, audiences around the country soon took the inhabitants of Walmington-On-Sea to their hearts. A second batch of six programs was screened in early 1969, and Dad’s Army was off on the road to becoming one of television’s all-time favourites.

After twelve episodes in black-and-white, the show transferred to colour by the end of the year with a further fourteen editions. Such was the popularity of the series, Columbia Pictures commissioned a movie version using the team, which went before the cameras in the summer of 1970 (premiering the following April). The film retold the origins of the squad (now in colour, and on the wide screen) with a much larger budget than the early BBC programs could boast.

The TV version, though, was back on the small screens by the end of 1970 and a one-hour special was shown the following Christmas. Apart from the millions of viewers in Britain and around the world who regularly watched the show, it was known to be a particular favourite by certain inhabitants of Buckingham Palace as well.

In late 1973, having amassed some sixty episodes, Dad’s Army was adapted for radio, with twenty of the original scripts re-recorded for broadcast in early 1974. BBC elder statesman John Snagge was invited to set the scene at the beginning of each of the storylines.

Despite having several cast members in their seventies, it was ironical that actor James Beck should be the first of the group to die (mid way through this series of radio recordings) at a tragically young age. His characterization of the spiv ‘Walker’ had opened the doors to a very promising career which was not allowed to reach its potential.

A further two seasons of television editions were made by the end of 1975 when the Walmington-On-Sea Home Guard unit set off to conquer a new medium . . . the West End stage. Dad’s Army (the musical!) opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre on October the 2nd with regular cast members being joined by John Bardon (in the Walker role) and Hamish Roughead (filling in for John Laurie who did not take part in the production). The show’s plot allowed the characters to pay tribute to the great performers of the war years, from Flanagan and Allen, Max Miller and Robb Wilton to the Andrews Sisters.

A high spot of the presentation was the team’s performance of The Floral Dance, which resulted in the cast being “commanded” to repeat it at that year’s Royal Variety show.

Special Christmas editions of the show were transmitted at the end of 1975 and 1976 and the following year the BBC announced Dad’s Army would have its ninth and final season. For nearly a decade it had been a treasured favourite and no one wanted to see it finish with any lessening of appeal.

It’s now forty years since the Walmington-­On-Sea platoon first marched into our living rooms. If nothing else, their durability cannot be questioned . . . television, movies, radio, the West End stage, books, records, cassettes, CDs, videos and DVDs. A sizeable number of their players have now left the scene, but the enjoyment they created can be relived at the flick of a switch.


Television Version

Starring Arthur Lowe (as Captain George Mainwaring), John Le Mesurier (Sergeant Arthur Wilson), Clive Dunn (Lance Corporal Jack Jones), John Laurie (Private James Frazer), Arnold Ridley (Private Charles Godfrey), James Beck (Private Joe Walker), Ian Lavender (Private Frank Pike), Bill Pertwee (Air Raid Warden William Hodges), Frank Williams (The Reverend Timothy Farthing—The Vicar) and Edward Sinclair (Maurice Yeatman—The Verger)

All programs were written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft

Series 1 (black-and-white)
July 31 1968  The Man And The Hour
Britain is at war and the residents of Walmington On Sea form their own Home Guard unit led by the local bank manager
August 7 1968  Museum Piece
Captain Mainwaring hears the local war museum houses a case of Boer War carbines and he decides to commandeer them for the platoon.
August 14 1968  Command Decision
A retired colonel who owns a private collection of twenty rifles tries to take over command of the platoon.
August 21 1968  The Enemy Within The Gates
Walker and Pike capture a German parachutist, but before they can claim their £10 bounty, Godfrey lets him go.
August 28 1968  The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones
The officer-in-charge of the Home Guard training section inspects the platoon, and has serious doubts about Corporal Jones’ capabilities.
September 4 1968  Shooting Pains
Mainwaring’s men must compete in a shooting contest to decide the unit to be chosen as guard-of-honour for a visiting V.I.P.

December 25 1968  Christmas Night with the Stars
featured a Dad’s Army segment.

Series 2 (black-and-white)
March 1 1969  Operation Kilt
The platoon takes part in training exercises with the regular army and Captain Mainwaring places great store in “enemy” intelligence.
March 8 1969  The Battle For Godfrey’s Cottage
Private Godfrey’s cottage is considered to have strategic importance in the face of an enemy attack, so a machine-gun post is set up there.
March 15 1969  The Loneliness Of A Long Distance Walker (NO COPY SURVIVES)
When Private Walker is called up Captain Mainwaring considers his impending loss of black market goods
March 22 1969  Sergeant Wilson’s Little Secret
When Mrs. Pike decides to take in a refugee child, talk of the impending “little stranger” is misconstrued by Wilson who decides to do the honourable thing.
March 29 1969  A Stripe For Frazer (NO COPY SURVIVES)
Captain Mainwaring has to decide which member of the platoon should be promoted to the rank of corporal alongside Jones.
April 5 1969  Under Fire (NO COPY SURVIVES)
In the midst of an air-raid the platoon have to deal with a number of incendiary bombs.

Series 3 (colour)
September 11 1969  The Armoured Might Of Lance Corporal Jones
Corporal Jones’s delivery van is converted for military purposes when Walker makes available some illicit petrol coupons.
September 18 1969  Battle School
The unit takes part in a weekend course of guerrilla tactics under instruction by former members of the Spanish International Brigade.
September 25 1969  The Lion Has Phones
When an enemy aircraft crashes into the reservoir, Captain Mainwaring’s communication system is put to the test.
October 2 1969  The Bullet Is Not For Firing
Mainwaring arranges a court of enquiry when the platoon fire their ammunition at a low-flying enemy aircraft.
October 9 1969  Something Nasty In The Vault
A bank inspector pays a visit to Walmington-On-Sea at the very moment an unexploded German bomb lands in the vault.
October 16 1969  Room At The Bottom
An officer from H.Q. arrives to tell Mainwaring he is not entitled to his commission.
October23 1969  Big Guns
The platoon is given a large naval gun to defend the Walmington-On-Sea coastline, but unfortunately none of them
knows how to work it.
October 30 1969  The Day The Balloon Went Up
A large barrage balloon becomes entangled in the church steeple and Mainwaring’s men have to release it.
November 6 1969  War Dance
Captain Mainwaring decides to stage a platoon dance and a committee is set up to organise things.
November 13 1969  Menace From The Deep
The unit is in charge of a machine-gun post at the end of the pier when a mine is noticed drifting their way.
November 20 1969  Branded
Private Godfrey confesses he could never actually shoot anyone should the occasion arise, and tenders two week’s notice.
November 27 1969  Man Hunt
Private Walker finds an enemy parachute and arranges for the material to be made into ladies lingerie.
December 4 1969  No Spring For Frazer
A vital spring from the platoon’s Lewis gun has disappeared and all indications point to it being in the coffin of a newly-deceased villager.
December 11 1969  Sons Of The Sea
When the bank acquires a boat in lieu of an unpaid debt, Mainwaring arranges for the platoon to train in seamanship.

December 25 1969  Christmas Night with the Stars
featured a Dad’s Army segment: Resisting The Agressor Down The Ages

Series 4
September 25 1970  The Big Parade
Mainwaring selects a ram as the platoon’s mascot when it takes part in a parade for Spitfire Fund Week.
October 2 1970  Don’t Forget The Diver
The unit must capture a windmill when they take part in a series of manoeuvres.
October 9 1970  Boots, Boots, Boots
To maintain the platoon’s fitness, Captain Mainwaring decides to instigate a number of long route marches.
October 16 1970  Sergeant, Save My Boy
To confuse the enemy, Mainwaring moves his headquarters to a holiday hut previously occupied by deserted orphans.
October 23 1970  Don’t Fence Me In
The platoon replaces a Polish unit in charge of guarding a group of Italian prisoners-of-war.
October 30 1970  Absent Friends
When only two members of the platoon turn up for parade, the rest are found playing darts in the pub.
November 6 1970  Put That Light Out
Mainwaring assigns Corporal Jones to take charge of the platoon at the Walmington lighthouse.
November 13 1970  The Two And A Half Feathers
A new recruit has some interesting stories to tell about the military exploits of Lance Corporal Jones.
November 20 1970  Mum’s Army
Mainwaring decides to recruit some female members into the platoon to release his regular team for more important duties.
November 27 1970  The Test
Air-Raid Warden Hodges challenges Mainwaring’s men to a game of cricket but secretly brings in a “ringer”.
December 4 1970 A. Wilson (Manager)?
Wilson is offered managership at the bank’s Eastgate branch, a position with more authority than that at Walmington-On-Sea.
December 11 1970 Unwanted Guests
Mainwaring is forced to share his office with Air-Raid Warden Hodges when the A.R.P. headquarters is bombed out.
December 18 1970 Fallen Idol
Captain Mainwaring loses face with the platoon when he insists on separate accommodation at a weekend camp on grenade training.

December 25 1970  Christmas Night with the Stars
featured a Dad’s Army segment: Cornish Floral Dance

December 27 1971  Battle Of The Giants (60 minute special)
The Walmington-On-Sea platoon competes with the Eastgate unit to be chosen as the guard of honour for a visit by the Prime Minister.

Series 5
October 6 1972  Asleep In The Deep
Walker and Godfrey are on watch at the pumping station when it is hit during an air raid.
October 13 1972  Keep Young And Beautiful
To prevent their being retired for being too elderly, several members of the platoon resort to using male beauty aids.
October 20 1972  A Soldier’s Farewell
Following a cheese-supper, Mainwaring dreams he is Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo.
October 27 1972  Getting The Bird
Walker’s attempts at marketing a batch of stolen pigeons, together with Wilson’s domestic problems threaten scandal for the platoon.
November 3 1972  The Desperate Drive Of Corporal Jones
Jones misreads a map reference and inadvertently sends the platoon into an area where live ammunition is being tested.
November 10 1972  If The Cap Fits
Misunderstandings occur when Mainwaring temporarily promotes Frazer to the rank of Captain.
November 17 1972  The King Was In His Counting House
A party at the Mainwaring home is disrupted when a bomb hits the bank and immediate measures must be taken to ensure the money is guarded.
November 24 1972  All Is Safely Gathered In
The platoon volunteers to help a friend of Godfrey’s to harvest her crops.
December 1 1972  When Did You Last See Your Money?
Jones has mislaid five hundred pounds that the townspeople have donated for the establishment of a servicemen’s canteen.
December 8 1972  Brain Versus Brawn
To demonstrate the worth of his platoon, Mainwaring arranges for them to take place in a commando raid.
December 151972  A Brush With The Law
When Mainwaring is charged with showing a light during the blackout, he elects to defend himself at the magistrate’s court.
December 22 1972  Round And Round Went The Great Big Wheel
Mainwaring’s platoon is selected for a special assignment in connection with a new top secret War Office weapon.
December 29 1972  Time On My Hands
The platoon must extricate an enemy pilot whose parachute has become entangled round the steeple of the town’s mechanical clock.

December 25 1972  Christmas Night with the Stars
featured a Dad’s Armysegment: Broadcast To The Empire

Series 6
October 31 1973  The Deadly Attachment
Mainwaring’s men come face to face with the enemy when they find themselves guarding the survivors of a sunken German U-boat.
November 7 1973  My British Buddy
Mainwaring organizes some traditional British hospitality for some visiting American servicemen.
November 14 1973  The Royal Train
The platoon is to provide a guard of honour for the royal train of King George VI when it travels through Walmington-On-Sea.
November 21 1973  We Know Our Onions
The unit takes part in a Home Guard initiative test which ranges from an interview session to an obstacle course.
November 28 1973  The Honourable Man
Following the death of a relative, Sergeant Wilson ascends to the outer fringes of the aristocracy, much to Mainwaring’s annoyance.
December 5 1973  Things That Go Bump In The Night
The platoon is forced to spend the night in an apparently deserted house when Jones’s van breaks down.
December 12 1973  The Recruit
Whilst Mainwaring is in hospital, Sergeant Wilson takes it upon himself to recruit the Vicar and the Verger into the platoon.

Series 7
November 15 1974  Everybody’s Trucking
The platoon is given signposting duties as part of a military exercise but the arrival of a steamroller causes problems.
November 22 1974  A Man Of Action
Captain Mainwaring decides that martial law must be declared when a bomb lands at the edge of town.
November 29 1974  Gorilla Warfare
When Mainwaring takes an initiative test to be trained as a secret agent, members of the regular army set out to thwart his plans.
December 6 1974  The Godiva Affair
The residents of Walmington-On-Sea are organising a carnival for the Spitfire Fund and the platoon volunteers to do a Morris dance.
December 13 1974  The Captain’s Car
Mainwaring is loaned a Rolls Royce but it soon becomes confused with the official vehicle used by the Mayor.

December 23 1974  Turkey Dinner
The senior citizens are treated to a free dinner when Jones inadvertently shoots a turkey.

Series 8
September 5 1975  Ring Dem Bells
Whilst dressed as Nazi soldiers for the shooting of a training film, the platoon accidentally sets off an invasion scare.
September 12 1975  When You’ve Got To Go
The platoon rallies round Private Pike who has been issued with his call-up papers.
September 19 1975  Is There Honey Still For Tea?
It falls to Captain Mainwaring to have to advise Private Godfrey that his country cottage has to be demolished.
September 26 1975  Come In, Your Time Is Up
The platoon’s exercise afloat on the lake creates conflict with the local sea scouts but the arguments subside when a German air crew bales out.
October 3 1975  High Finance
Mainwaring decides that Corporal Jones must do something about the precarious state of his bank account.
October 10 1975  The Face On The Poster
Mainwaring’s plans for a recruitment campaign suffer a set back when the photographs on the poster are mixed up.

December 26 1975  My Brother And I (40 minute special)
Captain Mainwaring’s sherry party for local dignitaries attracts an unwelcome guest.

December 26 1976  The Love Of Three Oranges
Mainwaring’s men pitch in when the Vicar stages a bazaar to raise funds for troop comforts.

Series 9
October 2 1977  Wake-Up Walmington
Mainwaring believes the town has become apathetic to the threat of invasion so he arranges for the platoon to pose as fifth columnists.
October 9 1977  The Making Of Private Pike
Private Pike creates havoc with Captain Mainwaring’s new staff car.
October 16 1977  Knights Of Madness
The platoon takes part in a reinactment of the story of St. George and the dragon but things don’t go as planned.
October 23 1977 The Miser’s Hoard
Mainwaring tries to convince Frazer to put his box of gold sovereigns in the bank for safe keeping.
November 6 1977  Number Engaged
The platoon finds a bomb enmeshed in the wires of a strategically important telephone line.
November 13 1977  Never Too Old
Corporal Jones has decided to get married but getting to the Church on time could be a problem.

Radio Version

Series 1: BBC Radio 4
1/1  January 28 1974  The Man And The Hour
1/2  February 4 1974  Museum Piece
1/3  February 11 1974  Command Decision
1/4  February 18 1974  The Enemy Within The Gates
1/5February 25 1974  The Battle For Godfrey’s Cottage
1/6  March 4 1974  The Armoured Might Of L. Cpl. Jones
1/7  March 11 1974  Sergeant Wilson’s Little Secret
1/8  March 18 1974  A Stripe For Frazer
1/9  March 25 1974  Operation Kilt
1/10  April 1 1974  Battle School
1/11  April 8 1974  Under Fire
1/12  April 15 1974  Something Nasty In The Vault
1/13  April 22 1974  The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones
1/14  April 29 1974  The Loneliness Of A Long Distance Walker
1/15  May 6 1974    Sorry, Wrong Number
1/16  May 13 1974  The Bullet Is Not For Firing
1/17  May 20 1974  Room At The Bottom
1/18  May 27 1974  The Menace From The Deep
1/19  June 3 1974    No Spring For Frazer
1/20  June 10 1974  Sons Of The Sea

special:  December 25 1974  Present Arms (based on Battle Of The Giants)(60 min)

Series 2: BBC Radio 4
2/1  February 11 1975  Don’t Forget The Diver
2/2  February 18 1975  If The Cap Fits
2/3  February 25 1975  Put That Light Out
2/4  March 4 1975  Boots, Boots, Boots
2/5  March 11 1975  Sergeant, Save My Boy
2/6  March 18 1975  Branded
2/7  March 25 1975  Uninvited Guests
2/8  April 1 1975    A Brush With The Law
2/9  April 8 1975    A Soldier’s Farewell
2/10  April 15 1975  Brain Versus Brawn
2/11  April 22 1975  War Dance
2/12  April 29 1975  Mum’s Army
2/13  May 6 1975    Getting The Bird
2/14  May 13 1975  Don’t Fence Me In
2/15  May 20 1975  The King Was In His Counting House
2/16  May 27 1975  When Did You Last See Your Money?
2/17  June 3 1975    Fallen Idol
2/18  June 10 1975  A. Wilson (Manager)?
2/19  June 17 1975  All Is Safely Gathered In
2/20  June 24 1975  The Day The Balloon Went Up

Series 3: BBC Radio 4
3/1  March 16 1976  A Man Of Action
3/2  March 23 1976  The Honourable Man
3/3  March 30 1976  The Godiva Affair
3/4  April 6 1976  Keep Young And Beautiful
3/5  April 13 1976  Absent Friends
3/6  April 20 1976  Round And Round Went The Great Big Wheel
3/7  April 27 1976  The Great White Hunter (based on Man Hunt)
3/8  May 4 1976  The Deadly Attachment
3/9  May 11 1976  Things That Go Bump In The Night
3/10  May 18 1976  My British Buddy
3/11  May 25 1976  Big Guns
3/12  June 1 1976    The Big Parade
3/13  June 8 1976    Asleep In The Deep
3/14  June 15 1976  We Know Our Onions
3/15  June 22 1976  The Royal Train
3/16  June 29 1976  A Question Of Reference (based on The Desperate Drive Of L. Cpl, Jones)
3/17  July 6 1976  High Finance
3/18  July 13 1976  The Recruit
3/19  July 20 1976  A Jumbo Sized Problem (based on Everybody’s Trucking)
3/20  July 27 1976  The Cricket Match (based on The Test)
3/21  August 3 1976  Time On My Hands
3/22  August 10 1976  Turkey Dinner
3/23  August 17 1976  The Captain’s Car
3/24  August 24 1976  The 2½ Feathers
3/25  August 31 1976  Is There Honey Still For Tea?
3/26  September 7 1976 Ten Seconds From Now (expanded from the 1972 Christmas segment)

special: Full Steam A-Hudd: R2 June 3 1995
included a newly scripted 10-minute DAD’S ARMY segment
featuring Ian Lavender, Bill Pertwee, Frank Williams and Jimmy Perry

BBC Transcription Service distributed sixty editions (including the 60-minute Christmas special)
… all but seven first season episodes: #7, #11, #12, #13, #14, #17 and #19

It Sticks Out Half A Mile (A radio spinoff from Dad’s Army)

starring John Le Mesurier, Ian Lavender and Bill Pertwee as Wilson, Pike and Hodges in a 1948 seaside pier setting.
Scripted by Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles (who had adapted the radio versions of Dad’s Army)

Series 1: R2 November 13 1983 to January 15 1984 (not Dec 25)
1/1  November 13 1983  (The Business Proposition)
1/2  November 20 1983  (The Bank Loan)
1/3  November 27 1983  (Who Owned The Pier?)
1/4  December 4 1983  (Inspecting The Piles)
1/5  December 11 1983  (Pike In Love)
1/6  December 18 1983  (The Friends Of Frambourne Pier)
1/7  January 1 1984  (The First Meeting)
1/8  January 8 1984  (Marooned)
1/9  January 15 1984  (The Fancy Dress Night)

Series 2: R2 four new episodes were included during a repeat season of July 7 to October 9 1984
2/1  August 21 1984  (The Builder)
2/2  September 4 1984  (War Damage)
2/3  September 18 1984  (The Pin-Up Girl)
2/4  October 2 1984  (Hidden Treasure)

*** previously unaired pilot episode (starring Arthur Lowe): BBC7 Saturday May 29 2004

Film version

Dad’s Army
Columbia Pictures, 1971 (95 min)
Theatrical release featuring the entire television cast.

Stage version

Dad’s Army
Shaftesbury Theatre, London from October 2nd 1975
A live presentation (with 1940s musical numbers) featuring all the television cast except John Laurie (replaced by Hamish Roughead) and the late James Beck (replaced by John Bardon).


Don’t Panic! The Dad’s Army Story
BBC1 May 28 2000 (50 min)
Tribute celebration hosted by Victoria Wood, featuring original cast members Clive Dunn, Ian Lavender, Bill Pertwee, Frank Williams, etc.

We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story
BBC2 December 22 2015 (60 min)
Telemovie dramatizing the creation of the series, featuring actors portraying the writers, cast and BBC personnel in the late-1960s. 

WE LOVE – Dad’s Army
CH5 December 6 2020 (90 min)


Dad’s Army March/What Did You Do In The War?
Columbia single DB 8766 (March 1971)

We Stood Alone/Down Our Way
Columbia single DB 8952 (November 1972)

Dad’s Army
BBC LP REH 183 (1974)
Contains two radio versions:
Sergeant Wilson’s Little Secret
Something Nasty In The Vault

Dad’s Army (original cast recording)
Warner Bros. LP K 56186 (1975)
Put That Light Out
Carry On On The Home Front
Command Post
When Can I Have A Banana Again?
The King Is Still In London
Lords Of The Air
Siegfried Line + We’ll Meet Again
Floral Dance
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Radio Personalities Of 1940 (Happidrome/Gert And Daisy/Robb Wilton/Max Miller)
Home Town
The Beach

Dad’s Army – A Jumbo Sized Problem
BBC double-cassette ZBBC 1140
Contains four radio versions:
When Did You Last See Your Money?
A Jumbo Sized Problem
Time On My Hands
Ten Seconds From Now

Dad’s Army 2 – Command Decision
BBC double-cassette ZBBC 1272
Contains four radio versions:
The Man And The Hour
Museum Piece
Command Decision
The Enemy Within The Gates

Dad’s Army 3 – A Stripe For Frazer
BBC double-cassette ZBBC 1455
The Honourable Man
High Finance
The Battle Of Godfrey’s Cottage
A Stripe For Frazer

Dad’s Army 4 – Sergeant Wilson’s Little Secret
BBC double-cassette ZBBC 1533
The Armoured Might Of Lance Corporal Jones
Sergeant Wilson’s Little Secret
Operation Kilt
Battle School

Dad’s Army 5 – Sorry Wrong Number
BBC double-cassette ZBBC 1687
Something Nasty In The Vault
The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones
The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Walker
Sorry Wrong Number

Dad’s Army 6 – The Menace From The Deep
BBC double-cassette ZBBC 1812
Under Fire
The Bullet Is Not For Firing
Room At The Bottom
Menace From The Deep

Dad’s Army 7 – Don’t Forget The Diver
BBC double-cassette ZBBC 1977
Don’t Forget The Diver
If The Cap Fits
A Brush With The Law
Getting The Bird

Dad’s Army 8 – My British Buddy
BBC double-cassette ZBBC  2128
The King Was In His Counting House
The Godiva Affair
The Deadly Attachment
My British Buddy

Dad’s Army 9 – A Man Of Action
BBC double-cassette ZBBC 2262
The Day The Balloon Went Up
Round And Round Went The Great Big Wheel
A Man Of Action

Dad’s Army 10 – A Soldier’s Farewell
BBC double-cassette 0563 553472
A Soldier’s Farewell
All Is Safely Gathered In
The Big Parade
Asleep In The Deep

Dad’s Army 11 – Put That Light Out
BBC double-cassette 0563 478160
Put That Light Out
Sergeant Save My Boy
Uninvited Guests
Fallen Idol

Dad’s Army 12 – Absent Friends
BBC double-cassette 0563 528060

Dad’s Army 13 – Mum’s Army
BBC double-cassette/2CD 0563 529253
Boots, Boots, Boots
War Dance
Mum’s Army
Don’t Fence Me In

Dad’s Army 14 – Big Guns
BBC double-cassette/2CD 0563 494905
A. Wilson (Manager)?
The Great White Hunter
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Big Guns

Dad’s Army 15 – We Know Our Onions
BBC double-cassette/2CD 0563 524510

Dad’s Army 16 – Keep Young And Beautiful
BBC double-cassette/2CD 0563 51017X

The Very Best Of Dad’s Army – 1
BBC 2CD 0563 504188

Dad’s Army – Series 1
BBC 11 CD boxed set 0563 528575
contains all 20 shows, plus the Christmas special

Dad’s Army – Series 2
BBC 10 CD boxed set 0563 496614
contains all 20 shows

Dad’s Army – Series 3
BBC 14 CD boxed set 0563 496622
contains all 26 shows, plus pilot of It Sticks Out Half A Mile



The Day The Balloon Went Up
Sons Of The Sea
Don’t Forget The Diver

Asleep In The Deep
Boots Boots Boots
A Soldier’s Farewell

The Two And A Half Feathers
The Test
Fallen Idol

The Deadly Attachment
If The Cap Fits
The Honourable Man

Big Guns
Menace From The Deep
The Bullet Is Not For Firing

Mum’s Army
The Armoured Might Of L. Cpl. Jones
Put That Light Out

When Did You Last See Your Money?
Battle School

Sergeant Save My Boy
Don’t Fence Me In

No Spring For Frazer
Absent Friends
A. Wilson (Manager?)

Uninvited Guests
The Desperate Drive Of L. Cpl. Jones
The King Was In His Counting House

The Man and the Hour
Museum Piece
Command Decision

BBC BBCV 4992 The Enemy Within The Gates
The Enemy Within The Gates
The Showing Up Of Lance Corporal Jones
Shooting Pains

BBC BBCV 5372 A Brush With The Law
A Brush With The Law
Brain Versus Brawn
Keep Young And Beautiful

BBC BBCV 5442 My British Buddy
My British Buddy
The Royal Train
All Is Safely Gathered In

BBC BBCV 5572 The Recruit
The Recruit
A Man Of Action
The Captain’s Car

BBC BBCV 5643 Knights Of Madness
Knights Of Madness
The Making Of Private Pike
The Miser’s Hoard

BBC BBCV 5857 The Armoured Might Of Lance Corporal Jones
The Armoured Might Of Lance Corporal Jones
Something Nasty In The Vault
The Lion Has Phones

BBC BBCV 5932 Round And Round Went The Great Big Wheel
Round And Round Went The Great Big Wheel
Time On Our Hands
We Know Our Onions

BBC BBCV 5967 Room At The Bottom
Room At The Bottom
War Dance
Getting The Bird

BBC BBCV 6162 Sergeant Wilson’s Little Secret
Sgt. Wilson’s Little Secret
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Everybody’s Trucking

BBC BBCV 6266 The Big Parade
The Big Parade
Gorilla Warfare
The Godiva Affair

BBC BBCV 6583 Turkey Dinner
Turkey Dinner
Ring Dem Bells
When You’ve Got To Go

BBC BBCV 6711 Is There Honey Still For Tea?
Is There Honey Still For Tea?
Come In, Your Time Is Up
High Finance

BBC BBCV 6715 The Face On The Poster
The Face On The Poster
My Brother And I
The Love Of Three Oranges

BBC BBCV 6810 Wake Up Walmington
Wake Up Walmington
Number Engaged
Never Too Old

BBC BBCV 5120 The Very Best Of Dad’s Army
The Day The Balloon Went Up
Sons Of The Sea
The Two And A Half Feathers
Asleep In The Deep
The Deadly Attachment

BBC BBCV 5396 The Very Best Of Dad’s Army: Volume 2
No Spring For Frazer
Mum’s Army
Menace From The Deep
When Did You Last See Your Money
The Honourable Man

BBC BBCV 7034 Dad’s Army Selection Box
all-time favourite clips chosen and introduced by celebrities

BBC DVD 1057 The Very Best Of Dad’s Army
The Deadly Attachment
Keep Young And Beautiful
Never Too Old
Asleep In The Deep
Sons Of The Sea

BBC 2DVD 1368 Dad’s Army – Series 1 and 2
all six episodes from series 1, the three surviving episodes from series 2 plus audio recordings of the radio versions of the lost three episodes

BBC 2DVD 1577 Dad’s Army – Series 3

BBC 2DVD 1597 Dad’s Army – Series 4

BBC 2DVD BO1157-9 Dad’s Army – Series 5

BBC 2DVD BO1190-9 Dad’s Army – Series 6

BBC DVD BO1262-9 Dad’s Army – Series 7

BBC DVD BO1335-9 Dad’s Army – Series 8

BBC DVD BO1475-9  Dad’s Army – Series 9

BBC DVD BO1389-9 Dad’s Army – The Christmas Specials
features the specilas: Battle of the Giants, My Brother and I, The Love of Three Oranges

(* the episodes featured on the first six videos have also been released as three NTSC DVDs)

RCA./Columbia CVR 11735  Dad’s Army (feature film)



Dad’s Army
by John Burke (Hodder paperback, London 1972)

Dad’s Army
A Peter Way magazine, London 1972

Dad’s Army Activity Book
no author credit (World Distributor’s, Manchester. 1973)

Dad’s Army
by Jimmy Perry and David Croft (Elm Tree Books/Hamish Hamilton, London 1974. also paperback)
contains five scripts:
Asleep In The Deep
The Deadly Attachment
The Godiva Affair
Everybody’s Trucking
Keep Young And Beautiful

Dad’s Army Annual
six editions published by World Distributors, Manchester (1973 to 1978)

Dad’s Army—The Defence Of A Front Line English Village
by Paul Ableman (BBC Books, London 1989)
novelisations based on four Jimmy Perry and David Croft scripts:
The Battle Of Godfrey’s Cottage
Getting The Bird
Mum’s Army
My British Buddy

Dad’s Army—The Making Of A Television Legend
by Bill Pertwee (David And Charles, London 1989. Enlarged edition: Pavilion Books, 199?)

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding!
By Colin Bean (Minerva paperback, London. 199?)

Dad’s Army – A Celebration
by Richard Webber (Virgin, London. 1999)

Dad’s Army – The Lost Episodes
By Jimmy Perry and David Croft (Virgin, London. 199?)

The Complete A – Z Of Dad’s Army
by Richard Webber with Jimmy Perry and David Croft (Orion, London. 2000)

Dad’s Army At 50! – A Radio Times Tribute
(BBC Publications 2019)


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