sidjamesby PETER TATCHELL (reprinted from LAUGH MAGAZINE #10, 1994)

By the mid 1950s,South African-born Sidney James had become a familiar face in British movies. Usually cast as a rough diamond he appeared in dozens of films as army ser­geants, criminal types and any other nuggety down-to-earth roles on offer. His performance in the classic Ealing comedy The Lavender Hill Mob lead to a part in the BBC radio series Hancock’s Half Hour in 1954.

When the show transferred to television two years later he became the star’s chief foil and by the end of the decade Tony and Sid were widely regarded as the leading comedy duo in Britain.

During that first TV season in mid-1956, Sid was also appearing with Peter Sellers on BBC radio in a series called Finkel’s Café, with scripts adapted (by Frank Muir and Denis Norden) from the longrunning American series Duffy’s Tavern.

In 1958 James also appeared in Associated-Rediffusion’s 6-part television series East End – West End with Miriam Karlin and when Hancock’s Half Hour concluded its run on radio (in December 1959) Sid immediately switched to Educating Archie for the last couple of months of its final season.

In 1960, after one more television season with Hancock, the pair split (so Tony could pursue a more realistic vein of humour) and James’ future seemed somewhat uncertain. But before long, H.H.H. writers Galton and Simpson transferred his East Cheam characterisation to a spinoff series called Citizen James, with Bill Kerr, Liz Fraser and Sydney Tafler added to the cast. Two follow-up seasons (scripted by Sid Green and Dick Hills) featured only James and Tafler in a further twenty-six episodes.

Sid also had a new radio series in 1961 called It’s a Deal with Dennis Price and Take It From Here players Wallas Eaton and June Whitfield. Scripts were by Educating Archie writers Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney, some months before they created television’s The Rag Trade.

By now Sid’s movie roles were primarily in comedy productions (he’d made the first of nineteen Carry On appearances in 1960 with Carry On Constable) but by 1963 the BBC signed him for a more dramatic role in Taxi. Cast as a London cabbie, the series touched on the grimier side of life with storylines involving robbery, runaways and attempted suicide.

James had his own touch of drama in early 1967 when he suffered a serious heart attack but after several months of enforced rest he was able to resume work.

At the time, he was involved in his fifth television venture ATV’s George and the Dragon, which saw him pitted against one-time Larkins motormouth Peggy Mount. He played chauffeur to her cook in the household of a retired colonel (John Le Mesurier a couple of years before Dad’s Army). The show proved a popular favourite and ran to four series.

Barely three months after it concluded, Sid was appearing in Two In Clover for ITV’s new Thames Television. He and Victor Spinetti played a couple of city-types who decide to leave the rat race and run a farm. Somewhat inspired by Green Acres in the U.S., it wasn’t able to repeat that show’s success on the other side of the Atlantic though it did have a second season.

Thames and James were luckier with their next production . . . Sid’s first family-based sitcom Bless This House which saw him playing a mellower, more responsible character than any of his earlier efforts. The series became a regular on the schedules for six years and over sixty episodes, and eventually inspired a motion picture spinoff.

The situation was reversed when the successful Carry On movies led to a handful of Christmas specials on television and later a 13-part series called Carry On Laughing in 1975. Sid took part in many of these in between his other regular commitments.

He was also busy in live theatre with the stage production Carry On London in 1974 and later a farce called The Mating Season (in which he toured Australia and around the Brit­ish Isles).

It was during a performance of this latter show he collapsed and died in 1976.



(see Laughterlog’s RADIO section for a more detailed profile)
Series 1: BBC Light Programme November 2 1954 to February 15 1955
with Tony Hancock, Bill Kerr, Sidney James, Moira Lister, Kenneth Williams
Series 2
: BBC Light Programme April 19 to July 5 1955
with Tony Hancock, Bill Kerr, Sidney James, Andree Melly, Kenneth Williams
Series 3
: BBC Light Programme October 19 1955 to February 29 1956
with Tony Hancock, Bill Kerr, Sidney James, Andree Melly, Kenneth Williams
Series 4
: BBC Light Programme October 14 1956 to February 24 1957
with Tony Hancock, Sidney James, Bill Kerr, Hattie Jacques (from ep 5), Kenneth Williams
Series 5
: BBC Light Programme January 21 to June 3 1958
with Tony Hancock, Sidney James, Bill Kerr, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams
Special: WELCOME TO LONDON: BBC Light Programme August 3 1958 (90 min)
features a short segment with the Tony, Sid and Bill
Special: BBC Light Programme December 25 1958 
Transcription Service remakes: BBC Light Programme January 4 to 25 1959
Series 6: BBC Light Programme September 29 to December 29 1959
with Tony Hancock, Sidney James, Bill Kerr, Kenneth Williams (first 2 episodes only)  

BBC Light Programme Wednesday 8-30pm July 4 to August 29 1956
with Peter Sellers, Sid James, Avril Angers, Kenneth Connor

(scripts adapted by Frank Muir & Denis Norden from the U.S. series DUFFY’S TAVERN)

BBC Light Programme Wednesday 7-30pm October 7 1959 to February 17 1960
with Peter Brough (and “Archie Andrews”), Sid James (from Dec 30), Dick Emery, Warren Mitchell
(script: Ronald Wolfe, Ronald Chesney and Marty Feldman)   

BBC Light Programme Thursday 9-00pm March 9 to June 1 1961
with Sid James, Dennis Price, Wallas Eaton, June Whitfield, Robin Ray
(script: Ronald Wolfe & Ronald Chesney)
A couple of off-air recordings survive.


BBC Radio 4 Wednesday 8-15pm June 16 1976
hosted by Barry Norman




Cast: Tony Hancock, Sidney James
Scripts by Alan Simpson and Ray Galton

* Storylines for the episodes listed below will be found in Tony Hancock ‘Artiste’ by Roger Wilmut (Eyre Methuen, 1978)

Series 1: BBC July 6 to September 14 1956 (fortnightly) (6 x 30 min)
The First TV Show
The Artist
The Dancer
The Bequest
The Radio Show
The Chef That Died Of Shame

Series 2: BBC April 1 to June 6 1957 (fortnightly) (6 x 30 min)
* Film commitments prevented Sid James appearing in the first two episodes
The Alpine Holiday
Lady Chatterley’s Revenge
The Russian Prince
The New Neighbour
The Pianist
The Auction

Hancock and James also appeared in the promotional special:
These Are The Shows (BBC September 28 1957. 45 min)

Series 3: BBC September 30 to December 23 1957 (not Nov 18) (12 x 30 min)
The Continental Holiday
The Great Detective
The Amusement Arcade
A Holiday In Scotland
Air Steward Hancock, The Last Of The Many
The Regimental Reunion
The Adopted Family
The Elocution Teacher
The Crown v James S.: Hancock QC Defending
10  How To Win Money And Influence People
11  There’s An Airfield At The Bottom Of My Garden
12  Hancock’s 43 Minutes (43-minute special)

Hancock and James also appeared in the Christmas special:
Pantomania – Babes In The Wood (BBC December 25 1957. 60 min)

Series 4: BBC December 26 1958 to March 27 1959 (not Feb 27) (13 x 30 min)
Ericson The Viking
Underpaid!, Or Grandad’s S.O.S.
The Set That Failed
The New Nose
The Flight Of The Red Shadow
The Horror Serial
The Italian Maid
Matrimony – Almost
The Beauty Contest
10  The Wrong Man
11  The Oak Tree
12  The Knighthood
13  The Servants

Series 5:BBC September 25 to November 27 1959 (10 x 30 min)
The Economy Drive
The Two Murderers
Lord Byron Lived Here
Twelve Angry Men
The Train Journey
The Cruise
The Big Night
The Tycoon
Spanish Interlude
10  Football Pools

Series 6: March 4 to May 6 1960 (10 x 30 min)
The Cold
The Missing Page
The Emigrant
The Reunion Party
Sid In Love
The Baby Sitters
The Ladies’ Man
The Photographer
The East Cheam Centenary
10  The Poison Pen Letters 


Cast: Sid James, Miriam Karlin
Script: Wolf Mankowitz
Associated-Rediffusion February 4 to March 11 1958 (6 x 25 min)


Cast: Sid James (Sid), Bill Kerr (Bill)*, Liz Fraser (Liz)*, Sidney Tafler (Charlie Davenport)
(* series 1 only)

Series #1: BBC November 24 to December 29 1960 (6 x 30 min)
Scripts by Alan Simpson and Ray Galton
The Race
Sid and Bill train a drunken ex-athlete to take part in the Soho Waiter’s Race
The Elixir
Sid decides to market Bill’s old aboriginal cure-all potion
The Money
When Liz asks Sid to bank three hundred quid for her, he loses it on a race bet en route
The Rivals
Liz is sick of waiting for Sid to pop the question and agrees to go out with Albert the bookie
The Raffle
Sid has spent the pub’s Christmas raffle money and the prize-winner is Meataxe McDonnell
6  The Brand Image
Sid and Bill think there’s money to be made in starting up their own brand of cigarettes

Series 2: BBC October 2 to December 251961 (13 x 30 min)
Scripts by Sid Green and Dick Hills
The Lamp
While staying at Charlie’s house, Sid can’t get to sleep because a street lamp is shining through the bedroom window
2. Crusty Bread
Sid is annoyed that loaves of bread don’t have decent crusts
3. Kids
Charlie tries to capitalize on Sid’s kindness to kids by setting up a child-minding service
The Handbag
Sid and Charlie attempt to return a lost handbag to the lady who was sitting next to them on a train
5 The Football Team
Sid is talked into coaching the local football side
The Hotel
Sid and Charlie aren’t impressed by the service they receive while staying at an hotel
The local committee has delegated Sid to organise the rain insurance for their forthcoming fete
Sit Down
When charged an extra sixpence for his haircut, Sid stages a sit-down protest to highlight the increased cost of living
The Rally
details unknown
10  The Pensioner
Sid is distracted from the big darts match by an old mate who desperately needs a job
11  Elope
While at a local dance hall, Sid causes a young couple to elope to Gretna Green
12 Washing Day
Sid is fed up with outlandish advertising claims and decides to put “Foamo” soap powder to the test
13  Christmas Day
Sid and Charlie are having problems cooking a turkey

Series 3: BBC August 31 to November 23 1962 (13 x 30 min)
Scripts by Sid Green and Dick Hills
The Hospital
Sid takes it upon himself to improve the patient care being offered at the local hospital
The Play’s The Thing
The director of the local theatre inspires Sid to promote cul­ture in the district
The Tennis Ball
An innocent bit of ballplay leads to an unfortunate chain of events along the street
It’s Not Cricket
Charlie wants to put a bit more sparkle into the local cricket match but Sid prefers to keep it slow and quiet
The Reporter
Sid is unhappy when the local newspaper fails to cover his speech and believes he can do a better job reporting the local stories
6 The Day Out
When Sid and Charlie visit the beach, there is conflict on whether to laze on the sand or play the slot machines
The Transistor
Charlie decides to buy Sid a transistor radio for his birthday
The Old People’s Outing
Sid has to arrange the money and location for an elderly citizen’s outing
A Perfect Friendship
Sid an Charlie recollect how they became friends
10  The Watchdog
Sid buys a dog to protect him from burglars, but who will protect him from the watchdog?
11  The Librarian
When Sid is expelled from the public library, he starts dis­pensing his own brand of literature to the Kilton Street gang members
12  The Tube Station
Having missed the last train, Sid and Charlie must spend the night locked in an underground station
13  The Jury
Sid finds himself called up for jury duty


Two variety specials starring Sid James
with Wilfrid Brambell and Kenneth Connor (both show 2 only)
Script: Sid Green & Dick Hills (show 1), Dave Freeman (show 2)
A.T.V. March 11 and July 8 1961 (2 x 50 min)


Cast:      Sid James (as Sid Stone)

Series 1: BBC July 10 to August 28, August 31 to September 28 1963 (13 x 50 min)
It’s Lonely Up Front
Sid’s mentor is bashed and robbed
Barricades In Bailey Street
Sid helps a widow who has nowhere to go
Everybody’s In Goodnight
Sid finds a passenger dead in his cab
4 The Outing
Sid and his fellow cabbies organise a trip to Brighton for the family of an ill workmate
The Villain
Sid gets a troublemaker arrested
The Runaway
Sid offers shelter to a young runaway
A Long Way To Go
details unknown
8 The Accident
Terry is menaced by the brother of a girl who ran out in front
of his cab
The Benefit Of The Doubt
Sid renews acquaintance with his old commanding officer, now in the hire purchase business
10  Who’s Taking Who For A Ride
The cabbies have been suckered
11  Ten Years Hard
Sid tries to prevent a fellow cabbie becoming involved in a burglary
12  Can’t You Drive A Little Faster
Sid rushes a young suicide victim to hospital
13  Don’t Do As I Do
The cabbies help the Children’s Holiday Fund

Series 2: BBC1 April 4 to June 27 1964 (13 x 50 min)
Get Me To The Church
details unknown
The Scousers
details unknown
Two Little Ducks
details unknown
It’s A Long Way Home
details unknown
The Price Of Smoked Salmon
details unknown
details unknown
7 Sunday Mornings Are For Sleeping
details unknown
Three Bags Full, Sir
details unknown
Christmas In May
details unknown
10  Will You Marry Face?
details unknown
11  We’ve Got To Live In The Winter
details unknown
12  Two-Five-Two
details unknown
13  It’s A Mug’s Game
details unknown


Cast: Sid James (as George Russell), Peggy Mount (Gabrielle Dragon), John Le Mesurier (Colonel Maynard), Keith Marsh (Ralph, the gardener)
Scripts by Vince Powell and Harry Driver

Series 1: ATV November 19 to December 24 1966 (6 x 25 rnin)
George Meets The Dragon
Colonel Maynard keeps losing housekeepers because of his chauffeur’s amorous antics, but the new one is a decidedly different proposition
The Unexpected Sport
When the Colonel breaks his leg, George has to replace him in a polo match
The Not So Tender Trap
Gabrielle decides to cure George of his drunken ways by pre­tending he proposed to her whilst intoxicated
Night, Night, Sleep Tight
George and Gabrielle are left alone in the house when the Colonel and Ralph are away at an agricultural show
5 Royal Letter
When Gabrielle sends a Christmas card to the Royal family, George and Ralph decide to help out with a response
Merry Christmas?
Each member of the household intends to be away for the festive season, but things don’t go according to plan

Series 2: ATV May 20 to July 1 1967 (7 x 25 min)
1  The Colonel insists George use the Bentley to teach Gabrielle how to drive
2  Gabrielle resigns when George breaks her collection of gramophone records
3  Gabrielle has won a trip for two to Paris, but who will she take?
4  George won’t be having a Sunday morning lie-in if Gabrielle has anything to do with it
5 The Colonel is about to be reunited with a ladyfriend he hasn’t seen for thirty-five years
6  The household is caught up in a heated discussion over table manners
7  Gabrielle has taken up astrology and believes George should marry an Aquarian

Series 3: ATV January 6 to February 17 1968 (7 x 25 min)
1  Gabrielle is arranging a R. A. F. reunion and enlists George as a waiter
2  A pleasant afternoon’s picnic by the staff leads to a court appearance
3  George and Gabrielle both want to be the first customer through the doors to buy a bargain priced television
4  When Gabrielle decides to trace her family tree it appears she may he of noble stock
5  George and Gabrielle have their day trip to London ruined by the railways
6  George uses his automotive talents to make some money repairing an old car
7  Gabrielle’s holiday bus trip and George’s temporary job have an unfortunate way of coinciding

Series 4: Thames September 26 to October 31 1968 (6 x 25 min)
1  Everyone has been urged to ‘back Britain’ and the Colonel’s household is no exception
2  With the cup final approaching. George and Gabrielle are caught up in football fever
3  The purchase of a mink stole leads to a serious misunder­standing
4  Gabrielle is under the impression George has only a short time to live
5  The household is abuzz when it appears Ralph has fallen in love with Gabrielle
6  Having found the person he considers his “Miss Right”, George decides to elope


Starring Sid James and Victor Spinetti

Series 1: Thames February 18 to April 1 1969 (7 x 25 min)
1  Fed up with life in the city, two office workers decide to pool their resources and buy a farm
2  One of the popular pursuits of country life is the traditional hunt
3  The local telephone girl presents problems for Sid and Vic
4  Life on the farm is disrupted by the antics of an amorous duck
5  A postcard causes trouble for Sid and Vic
6  Cloverdale Farm is in financial crisis
7  Sid and Vic have to locate a lost cow

Series 2: Thames February 12 to March 19 1970 (6 x 25 min)
1  Cloverdale Farm’s tractor has broken down just when the ploughing has to be done
2  Entertaining the local bank manager causes a mixup between the dandelion wine and the sheepdip
3  Sid isn’t getting along with Vic’s brother
4  After losing a beer-drinking contest, Sid tries to recoup his losses by cheating at cards
5  Sid nearly ends up married to a much-married widow when he starts courting her sexy daughter
6  Taking part in a local cricket match threatens life and limb when Sid has to bat against Freddie Truman


Starring Sid James (as Sid Abbott), Diana Coupland (Jean Abbott), Robin Stewart (Mike Abbott), Sally Geeson (Sally Abbott), Anthony Jackson (Trevor), Patsy Rowlands (Betty)

Series 1: Thames February 2 to April 20 1971 (12x25rn)
(* owing to industrial action by ITV technicians, the first seven episodes were made in black and white)
The Generation Gap (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver) B/W
Salesman Sid Abbott realizes his teenage children have reached that awkward age
Mum’s The Word (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor) B/W
Mention of an impending wedding leads Sid to believe Mike is planning to elope
Father’s Day (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver) B/W
Jean has conspired with Doctor McLaren to surprise Sid on Father’s Day but things don’t go to plan
Be It Ever So Humble (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor) B/W
Sid reckons Mike should get a job
Another Fine Mess B/W
Sid agrees to deliver a mink stole for his employer’s wedding anniversary
For Whom The Bell Tolls (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver) B/W
Mention of an impending wedding leads Sid to believe that Mike is about to elope
A Woman’s Place (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor) B/W
Sid believes a wife’s place is in the kitchen, but Jean wants to get a job
The Day Of Rest (by Dave Freeman)
Mike’s abstract sculpture creates problems when the new neighbours move in
Make Love Not War (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Sid and Jean take sides in Trevor and Betty’s row
10  Charity Begins At Home (by David Cumming and Derek Collyer)
Mike’s new cause and Sally’s latest romance play havoc with Sid’s lazy weekend
11  If The Dog Collar Fits, Wear ft (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Sid won’t allow Sally to keep the stray dog she has found
12  The Morning After The Night Before (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Sid’s boy scout reunion party causes a loss of memory

Series 2: Thames February 21 to May 15 1972 (12 x 25 min)
Two Heads Are Better Than One (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Sid almost ruins Mike’s moneymaking venture
Love Me, Love My Tree (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Back from holiday Sid isn’t pleased when he spots a pruned cherry tree
It’s All In The Mind (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver)
Sid believes his house has become a den of iniquity and de­cides to stop the rot
Another Lost Weekend (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
A visit by Sid’s father-in-law threatens his proposed fishing trip
Parents Should Be Seen And Not Heard (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Sally decides to get engaged to live with her boyfriend
Strangers In The Night (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver)
Whilst celebrating their first meeting, Sid and Jean have dif­ferent recollections of how it happened
Get Me To The Match On Time (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Jean’s sister is being married on the day Sid and Trevor were planning to go to the big football final
Wives And Lovers (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
When Sid is late for dinner, Jean immediately suspects infi­delity
Never Again On Sunday (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver)
Sid and Jean’s agreement for what to do on Sunday doesn’t work out as planned
10  People In Glass Houses (by Carla Lane)
It is Mike’s birthday but Sid isn’t all that sure about the present he wants
11  A Rolls By Any Other Name (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver)
Sid has to deliver the firm’s Rolls Royce but gets caught up in a demonstration en route
12 A Touch Of The Unknown (by Dave Freeman)
When Sally and Jean become interested in the occult Sid seems to be the victim of a poltergeist

Series 3: Thames January 22 to March 12 and April 30 to May 28 1973 (12 x 25 min)
It Comes To Us All In The End (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver)
The budgie is ill and Sid thinks it’s pining for a mate
Tea For Two And Four For Tea (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Sid is under the impression Mike’s new love is a fifty-year-old woman
3  To Tell Or Not To Tell (by Carla Lane)
The Abbott’s believe Betty is having an affair and aren’t sure whether they should tell Trevor
Blood Is Thicker Than Water (by Dave Freeman)
A visit by Sid’s black-sheep cousin causes problems for the Abbott household
One Good Turn Deserves A Bother (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Sid is talked into minding a valuable antique tea service for his boss
The Loneliness Of A Short Distance Walker (by Carla Lane)
When the rest of the family go on a health kick, Sid enters the London to Brighton walk
Watch The Birdie (by Dave Freeman)
Sid and Trevor see potential in Mike’s photographic hobby
Will The Real Sid Abbott Please Stand Up (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver)
Jean is shocked to discover that Sid has been living the high life while he was supposed to be working late
Atishoo, Atishoo, We All Fall Down (by Carla Lane)
With the rest of the family down with flu, Sid finds himself run off his feet
10  Entente Not So Cordial (byVince Powell and Harry Driver)
A wartime reunion in Paris brings to light some of Sid’s amo­rous adventures during the conflict
11  I’m Not Jealous, I’ll Kill Him (by Carla Lane and Myra Taylor)
Sid isn’t pleased when one of Jean’s old suitors invites her out to dinner
12  A Girl’s Worst Friend Is Her Father (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver)
When Sally wants a secretarial job, Sid thinks her morality will be threatened

Series 4: Thames February 20 to April 10 1974 (6 x 25 min)
1  Money Is The Root Of (by Carla Lane)
Sid can inherit some money if he agrees to care for a pet
And They Will Come Home
The Abbott children decide to move out . . . to a caravan in the back yard and a flat above the garage
Who’s Minding The Baby (by Carla Lane)
The Abbott’s have agreed to mind the neighbour’s baby and the household soon ends up in turmoil
A Beef In His Bonnet (by Dave Freeman)
Sid unwittingly sells his car to a disreputable dealer and soon is in receipt of dozens of traffic tickets
The Bells Are Ringing (by Vince Powell and Harry Driver)
Mike proposes to the wealthy Pamela but it appears Sally may end up marrying the bride’s father
The First 25 Years Are The Worst (by Dave Freeman)
Mike and Sally start an employment agency in the house which soon causes confusion for their parent’s anniversary

Series 5:Thames October 14 to December 16 1974 (10 x 25 min)
They Don’t Write Songs Like That Any More (by Bernie Sharp)
Sid buys a broken-down piano to help him compose a pop song
The Gypsy’s Warning
Jean tries to stop Sid going fishing after an accident has been foretold
The Biggest Woodworm In The World
The Abbotts play host to a female snake-dancer and her py­thon
Home Sweet Home (by Bernie Sharp)
The kids want a more exotic holiday location than Torquay
You’re Never Too Old To Be Young (by Carla Lane)
Jean yearns for a dashing young lover to get her out of a rut, but doesn’t want to be unfaithful to Sid
The Policeman, The Paint And The Pirates (by Dave Freeman)
Sid buys some cheap paint to modernise the bathroom
Happy Birthday, Sid (by Lawrie Wyman and George Evans)
Sid doesn’t know what to do when he is given a useless birthday gift
Freedom Is (by Carla Lane)
Mike and Sally bring home a tramp they have befriended
Mr. Chairman (by Adele Rose)
Sid is at loggerheads with the local residents association
10  And Afterwards At . . . (by Mike Sharland and B.C. Cummins)
Sid becomes embroiled in a soap opera of events at a family wedding

Series 6: Thames January 29 to April 22 1976 (13 x 25 min)
The Frozen Limit (by Dave Freeman)
The Abbott’s newly acquired deep-freeze proves to be a disas­ter
Beautiful Dreamer (by Jon Watkins)
The family and next door neighbours all have different interpretations of the strange dreams Sid has been having
Fish With Everything (by Jon Watkins)
The doctor suggests Sid take up a hobby to perk him up
The Naked Paperhanger (by Dave Freeman)
Sid confuses Mike’s nude model with a lady wallpaper hanger
Remember Me? (by John Watkins)
Sid has just earned a bonus and the family try to convince him they all deserve a share
Something Of Value (by Bernie Sharp)
Sid’s uncle Percy has died and left him three strange packages, which come with a curse
Men Of Consequence (by Carla Lane)
Sid is confronted by an intruder in the middle of the night
Skin Deep (by Jon Watkins)
Jean is suspicious when Sid’s job causes him to work late and travel out of town
Friends And Neighbours (by Jon Watkins)
Trevor and Betty are away but Jean hears noises in their house
10  Well, Well, Well . . . (by Bernie Sharp)
Moisture seeping through the carpet leads to a team of Water Board workmen taking over the house
11  The Phantom Pools Winner (by Dave Freeman)
A mixup with Sid’s photo in the local paper attracts hordes of visitors to the Abbott home
12  A Matter Of Principle (by Jon Watkins)
Sid finds himself in court and decides to conduct his own defence
13  Some Enchanted Evening (by Jon Watkins)
Sid is in the family’s bad books so Trevor comes up with a solution to remedy things


CARRY ON specials and series

Thames December 24 1969 (50 min)
Cast: Sid James, Terry Scott, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques, Barbara Windsor, Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth, Frankie Howerd
Script by Talbot Rothwell

Thames December 24 1970 (50 min)
Cast: Sid James, Terry Scott, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor, Barbara Windsor, Bernard Bresslaw, Bob Todd

Sid did not take part in the 1972 Carry On Christmas special

ATV October 4 1973 (50 min)
Cast: Sid James, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth, Bernard Bresslaw, Jack Douglas
highlights from the opening night performance of Carry On London! at the Victoria Palace

Thames December 24 1973 (50 min)
Cast: Sid James, Joan Sims, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Connor, Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth, Jack Douglas
Script by Talbot Rothwell


Series 1: ATV January 4 to February 8 1975 (6 x 25 min)
* Sid James appeared in the first four editions only:
The Prisoner Of Spenda (by Dave Freeman)
The Baron Outlook (by Dave Freeman)
The Sobbing Cavalier (by Dave Freeman)
Orgy And Bess (by Barry Cryer and Dick Vosburgh)

Sid did not appear in the second season of 7 episodes aired by ATV October 26 to December 7 1975




Hancock’s Half Hour – volume 1
includes the 6 surviving episodes from series 2 and 3:
The Alpine Holiday, Air Steward Hancock – The Last of the Many, The Lawyer: The Crown vs Sidney James, Competitions – How to Win Money and Influence People, There’s an Airfield at the Bottom of My Garden and Hancock’s Forty-Three Minutes

Hancock’s Half Hour – volume 2
includes the 5 surviving episodes from series 4:
Ericson the Viking, The Set That Failed, The New Nose, The Oak Tree and The Knighthood

Hancock’s Half Hour – volume 3
includes all 10 episodes from season 5

Hancock’s Half Hour – volume 4
includes all 10 episodes from season 6

George and the Dragon
Network 4DVD set
includes all 26 episodes from the 4 seasons

Two in Clover
Network 2DVD
includes all 13 episodes from the 2 seasons

Bless This House – series 1
Network 2DVD (and as 2 separate Umbrella DVDs)
includes all 12 episodes

Bless This House – series 2
Network 2DVD (and as 2 separate Umbrella DVDs)
includes all 12 episodes

Bless This House – series 3
Network 2DVD, Talkback-Thames/Fremantle Media 2DVD
includes all 12 episodes

Bless This House – series 4
Network DVD
includes all 6 episodes

Bless This House – series 5
Network 2DVD
includes all 10 episodes

Bless This House – series 6
Network 2DVD
includes all 13 episodes

Carry On Laughing
A & E 2DVD
includes all 13 episodes from the 2 seasons


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