Born: May 26 1904
Died: March 6 1961

by Peter Tatchell (reprinted from LAUGH MAGAZINE #20, 1999)

He was the king of British show business from the mid-1930s until the end of World War 2 with millions falling under the spell of his toothy grin, cheeky double entendres and strumming ukulele. George Formby, the shy, awkward son of a turn of the century music hall performer conquered the stage, movies and gramophone records with a gormless charm that endeared him to fans of all ages. And half a century after his death, his memory is being preserved in ways unknown during his lifetime … the compact disc and the DVD.

Born George Hoy Booth in 1904, he was originally headed for a career as a jockey but the early death of his famous father in 1921 led him into show business, initially to help support his mother and her six other children. It was a slow climb, but by 1926 George had made his first gramophone recordings (for Edison-Bell Winner) singing songs about his father’s famous comic character John Willie. Two years earlier, he’d also got himself married … to the former Beryl Ingham, a clog dancer in a sister act. By 1932 he was lured to Decca Records for whom he sang such immortal Formby classics as Chinese Laundry Blues, Why Don’t Women Like Me and Auntie Maggie’s Remedy.

By 1934 George starred in his first motion picture Boots Boots, shot on a shoestring in just a fortnight. Its success led to a follow-up, Off the Dole (and a compilation repackaging the songs from both movies, George Formby Cavalcade). Producer Basil Dean of Associated British saw potential in the North Country comic and signed him for No Limit, which led to a ten year run of successful features. 1935 also found Formby with a new recording contract, this time for E.M.I.’s Regal-Zonophone, with whom he’d eventually churn out over 150 titles.

Three years later, he and Beryl appeared on the B.B.C. in a six episode radio sitcom called A Lancashire Lad In London and several variety offerings. Soon after, the pair switched to Radio Luxemburg’s Feen-A-Mint Fanfare for two series of quarter-hour broadcasts. But radio was not destined to be a major feature of the Formby career.

When the Second World War broke out George found time from his recording sessions and film-making (now for Columbia Pictures) to engage in a series of morale-building tours for E.N.S.A. to entertain British soldiers in France, the Middle-East or anywhere else he could do his bit.

The end of the war though saw a decline in the Formby fortunes. The world had changed dramatically and the daft innocence of his characters now seemed somewhat out of date. By 1947, without a movie or recording contract to his name, he toured the world and fans in Australia and New Zealand still flocked to see him perform (and he was engaged as the special guest-host on four editions of a popular Australian radio variety programme during the visit).

1951 saw a comeback of sorts with George signed to star in a West End musical Zip Goes A Million. Both he and the show were a hit, but six months after the opening Formby was struck down by a heart attack. He never fully recovered, though he continued to perform until his death ten years later.

Happily, half a century later many of his performances are available to the public (in sound and vision) and he still remains popular.



By The Shortest Of Heads (1915 silent) believed lost

Boots, Boots (1934 Blakeley’s Productions/Butchers) 80 min
Why Don’t Women Like Me
Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink
I Could Make A Good Living At That

Off The Dole (1935 Mancunian) 89 min
If You Don’t Want The Goods Don’t Maul ‘Em
With My Little Ukulele In My Hand
I Promised To Be Home By Nine O’Clock
I’m Going To Stick To My Mother
Surely There’s No Harm In A Kiss
Isn’t Love A Very Funny Thing

No Limit (1936 Associated British) 80 min
Riding In The T.T. Races
In A Little Wigan Garden
Riding Around On A Rainbow
Your Way Is My Way

Keep Your Seats Please (1937 Associated British) 82 min
When I’m Cleaning Windows
Keep Your Seats Please

Feather Your Nest (1937 Associated British) 86 min
When We Feather Our Nest
You’re A Li-a-ty
Leaning On A Lamp-Post
I’m As Happy As A Sandboy

Keep Fit (1938 Associated British) 82 min
Keep Fit
Biceps, Muscle And Brawn
I Don’t Like

I See lce (1938 Associated British) 81 min
In My Little Snapshot Album
Noughts And Crosses
Mother What’ll I Do Now?

It’s In The Air (1939 Associated British) 87 min
They Can’t Fool Me
It’s In The Air
Our Sergeant Major

Trouble Brewing (1939 Associated British) $l min
Hitting The Highspots Now
I Can Tell It By My Horoscope
Fanlight Fanny

Come On George (1939 Associated British) 88 min
Goodnight, Little Fellow, Goodnight
Pardon Me
I’m Making Headway Now
l Couldn’t Let The Stable Down

Let George Do It (1940 Associated British) 82 min
Grandad’s Flannelette Nightshirt
Mr’ Wu’s A Window
Cleaner Now
Count Your Blessings And Smile
Oh, Don’t The Wind
Blow Cold

Spare A Copper (1940 Associated British) 77 min
On The Beat
I’m The Ukulele Man
I’m Shy
I Wish I Was
Back On The Farm

Turned Out Nice Again (1941 United Artists) 81 min
Auntie Maggie’s Remedy
You Can’t Go Wrong In These
The Emperor Of Lancashire
You’re Everything To Me

South American George (1941 Columbia) 92 min
The Barmaid At The Rose And Crown
I’d Do It With A Smile
Swing Mama
I Played On My Spanish Guitar

Much Too Shy (1942 Columbia) 92 min
Andy The Handy Man
They Laughed When I Started To Play
Talking To The Moon About You
Delivering The Morning Milk

Get Cracking (1943 Columbia) 96 min
When The Lads Of The Village Cet Crackin’
Under The Blasted Oak
Home Guard Blues

Bell Bottom George (1943 Columbia) 97 min
Swim Little Fish
It Serves You Right (You Shouldn’t Have
If I Had A Girl Like You
Bell Bottom George

He Snoops To Conquer (1944 Columbia) 103 min
Unconditional Surrender
Hill Billy Willie
Got To Get Your Photo In The Press

I Didn’t Do It (1945 Columbia) 97 min
I’d Like A Dream Like That
She’s Got Two Of Everything
The Daring Young Man

George In Civvy Street (1946 Columbia) 79 min
We’ve Been A Long Time Gone
I Was Christened With A Horseshoe
It Could Be
Mad March Hare
You Don’t Need A Licence For That



National Friday 6-30pm January 7 to February 11 1938 (15 min)
with George Formby, Beryl Formby

National Thursday 7-30pm May 19 1938,
Regional Friday 9-15pm May 27 1938,
National Thursday 8-00pm June 2 1938
* A RIGHT GOOD DO: Regional Friday 8-40pm December 23 1938 (50 min)
with George Formby, Beryl Formby, Beryl Reid (special only)

series 1: Radio Luxemburg April 3 to December 25 1938 (15 min)
series 2: Radio Luxemburg January 1 to September 10 1939 (15 min) 

Forces Wednesday 8-00pm March 20 1940 (from France)
Home Saturday 12-30pm September 7 1940 

Forces Sunday 10-10pm June 22 1941 (40 min)

Forces Saturday 9-20pm February 6 1942 (40 min)

(Australian) Macquarie Network January 7 to 28 1948 (45 min)
the last 3 broadcasts survive


R4 10-30am Monday April 12 1971
hosted by Frank Dixon

CELEBRATION: George Formby
R4 Wednesday 7-30pm April 9 1975 (45 min) 

R4 Sunday 9-05pm July 6 1980 (10 min) 

FLETCHER’S FRIENDS: Sid Field and George Formby
R2 Wednesday 10-00pm June 28 1989 

THE EMPEROR OF LANCASHIRE – tribute to George Formby
R2 Sunday 1-00pm May 26 1991 (60 min)
hosted by Russell Davies

GEORGE ON GEORGE – tribute to George Formby
R4 Thursday 11-30am June 9 2005
hosted by Russell Davies


R2 Friday 9-30pm October 7 1983
narrated by Len Marten



ITV/ATV June 15 1957 (60 min)

BBC-TV December 1960 (35 min)
It Serves You Right
Swim Little Fish
Down the Old Coal Hole
Sitting on the Ice in the Ice Rink
Guarding the Home Guard’s Home
Goodnight, Little Fellow, Goodnight
Formby medley


ITV/ABC 1967 (30 min)

BBC4 October 27 2011



John Willie, Come On/I Was Always A Willing Young Lad
Edison-Bell-Winner 78rpm 4409 (June 11 1926)

I Parted My Hair In The Middle/John Willie’s Jazz Band
Edison-Bell-Winner 78rpm 4418 (June 11 1926)

The Man Was A Stranger To Me/Rolling Around Piccadilly
Edison-Bell-Winner 78rpm 4437 (June 11 1926)

All Going Back/ln The Congo
Dominion 78rpm A-197 (October 20 1929)

Do De O Do/Chinese Laundry Blues
Decca 78rpm F-3079 (July 1 1932) 

I Told My Baby With The Ukulele/lf You Don’t Want The Goods Don’t Maul ‘Em
Decca 78rpm F-3219 (October 13 1932) 

The Old Kitchen Kettle/(Jack Hylton instrumental)
Decca 78rpm F-3222 (October L3 1932)

John Willie At The Licence Office (2 parts)
Decca 78rpm F-3259 (October 18 1932)

I Could Make A Good Living At That/Let’s All Go To Reno
Decca 78rpm Y-3377 (November 9 1932) 

Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink/Levi’s Monkey Mike
Decca 78rpm F-3458 (January 29 1933) 

Why Don’t Women Like Me?/Running Round The Fountains In Trafalgar Square
Decca 78rpm F-3524 (January 29 1933) 

As The Hours And The Days And The Weeks And The Months And The Years Roll By/Sunbathin’ In The Park
Decca 78rpm F-3615 (July 1 and August 27 1933) 

She’s Never Been Seen Since Then/Swimmin’ With The Wimmin
Decca 78rpm F-3666 (August 27 1933) 

I Went All Hot And Cold/My Ukulele
Decca 78rpm F-3752 (November 12 1933) 

The Wedding Of Mr. Wu/Baby
Decca 78rpm F-3800 (November 12 1933) 

Believe It Or Not/In A Little Wigan Garden
Decca 78rpm F-3950 (March 21 1934) 

You Can’t Keep A Growing Lad Down/It’s No Use Looking At Me
Decca 78rpm F-5183 (June 12 1934) 

John Willie’s Jazz Band/There’s Nothing Proud About Me
Decca78rpm F-5232 (October 11 1934) 

The Best Of Schemes/Madame Moscovitch
Decca 78rpm F-5287 (October 11 and 20 1934) 

John Willie Goes Carolling (2 parts)
Decca 78rpm F-5303 (October 20 1934) 

Fanlight Fanny/Share And Share Alike
Decca 78rpm F-5569 (May 29 1935) 

The Fiddler Kept On Fiddling/I Do Do Things, I Do
Decca 78rpm F-5669 (May 29 1935)

The Isle Of Man/Riding In The T.T. Races
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-1932 (November 28 1935)

The Pleasure Cruise/The Wash House At The Back
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-1952 (November 28 1935)

A Farmer’s Boy/Radio Bungalow Town
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2031 (February 25 1936)

Gallant Dick Turpin (2 Parts)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2060 (February 25 1936)

George Formby Medley
(Sitting On The lce In The Ice Rink + Do De O Doh + Chinese Laundry Blues/Madame Moscovitch + My Ukulele + Fanlight Fanny)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2083 (May 8 1936)

Ring Your Little Bell (Ting Ting)/Quick-Fire Medley – (It Ain’t No-body’s Biz’ness What I Do + Goody Goody + I Like Bananas)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2162 (July 19 1936)

The Window Cleaner/Keep Your Seats, Please
Regal Zonophoue 78rpm MR-2199 (September 27 1936)

Sitting On The Sands All Night/Five And Twenty Years
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2232 (September 27 1936)

I’m A Froggie/The Ghost
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2270 (October 29 1936)

Dare-Devil Dick/Bunkam’s Travelling Show
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2295 (October 29 1936)

You’re A Li-a-ty/When We Feather Our Nest
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2430 (January 24 1937)

Oh Dear, Mother/With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2431 (January 24 1937)

Hindoo Man/My Little Goat And Me
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2368 (February 14 1937)

The Lancashire Toreador/The Window Cleaner No’ 2
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2399 (March 21 1937)

Trailing Around In A Trailer/Said The Little Brown Hen
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2469 (February 14 1937)

Leaning On A Lamp-Post/Hi-Tiddley-Hi-Ti Island
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2490 (September 5 1937)

Easy-Going Chap/Somebody’s Wedding Day
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2506 (March 21 & July 11 1937)

Keep Fit/Biceps, Muscle And Brawn
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2570 (July 11 1937)

My Plus Fours/I Don’t Like
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2571 (March 21 & July 1l 1937)

Remember Me/Maybe I’ll Find Someone Else
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2616 (November 28 1937)

You Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming/She Can’t Say “No”
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2628 (November 28 1937)

Does Your Dream Book Tell You That?/Like The Big Pots Do
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2684 (February 6 1938)

Wunga Bunga Boo/Have You Ever Heard This One?
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2709 (March 4 1938)

Springtime’s Here Again/The Joo-Jah Tree
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2735 (March 4 & April 3 1938)

Noughts And Crosses/Mother What’ll I Do Now
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2752 (April 3 1938)

I Blew A Little Blast On My Whistle/In My Little Snapshot Album
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2753 (March 4 & April 3 1938)

Our Sergeant Major/Rhythm In The Alphabet
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2890 (July 17 & October 221938)

They Can’t Fool Me/It’s In The Air
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2891 (July 17 1938)

Tan Tan Tivvy Tally-Ho/I Wonder Who’s Under Her Balcony Now
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2925 (October 22 1938)

Sitting Pretty With My Fingers Crossed/Kiss Your Mansy Pansy
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2947 (July 17 & October 22 1938)

Frigid Air Fanny/Little Wooden Toolshed In The Garden
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-2969 (December 11 1938)

Hill Billy Willie/It’s Turned Out Nice Again
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3022 (April 2 1939)

I Can Tell It By My Horoscope/Hitting The High Spots
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3039 (April 2 1939)

I’m The Husband Of The Wife Of Mr. Wu/It’s A Grand And Healthy Life
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3081 (June 18 1939)

Swing It, George
(Some Of These Days + Hard-Hearted Hannah + Sweet Georgia Brown/Sweet Sue + Dinah + Tiger Rag)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3103 (June 18 1939)

Dan, The Dairy Man/The Blue-Eyed Blonde Next Door
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3121 (August 20 1939)

The Lancashire Hot-Pot Swingers/With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock (reissue)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3147 (August 20 1939)

Thc Low-Down Lazy Turk
Regal Zonophone (Australia) (August 20 1939) NOT ISSUED IN BRITAIN

Goodnight, Little Fellow, Goodnight/Pardon Me
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3160 (June 27 1939)

I’m Making Headway Now/I Couldn’t Let The Stable Down
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3161 (June 27 1939)

Swinging Along/A Lad From Lancashire
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3206 (October 12 1939)

The Lancashire Romeo/Imagine Me In The Maginot Line
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3233 (December 17 1939)

Grandad’s Flannelette Nightshirt/Mr’ Wu’s A Window Cleaner Now
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3301 (December 17 1939)

Count Your Blessings And Smile/Oh! Don’t The Wind Blow Cold
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3316 (May 31 1940)

You’ve Got Something There/I Always Get To Bed By Half-Past Nine
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3324 (May 31 1940)

On The Wigan Boat Express/Down The Old Coal Hole
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3325 (August 4 1940)

I’m The Ukulele Man/On The Beat
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3358 (August 4 1940)

Letting The New Year In/Bless ‘Em All
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3394 (November 10 1940)

Guarding The Home Of The Home Guards/I Wish I Was Back On The Farm
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3411 (November 10 1940)

Thanks, Mr. Roosevelt/Bless ‘Em All No. 2
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3441 (February 21 l941)
Formby Favourites For The Forces

(Our Sergeant Major + The Lancashire Toreador + It’s A Grand And Healthy Life/With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock + I’m The Husband Of The Wife Of Mr. Wu + The Window Cleaner)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3482 (February 21 1941)

You’d Be Far Better Off In A Home/I Did What I Could With My Gas Mask
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3463 (April 8 1941)

It Might Have Been A Great Deal Worse/Delivering The Morning Milk
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3472 (April 8 1941)

The Emperor Of Lancashire/You’re Everything To Me
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3512 (July 28 1941)

Auntie Maggie’s Remedy/You Can’t Go Wrong In These
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3520 (July 28 1941)

The Left-Hand Side Of Egypt/Who Are You A-Shoving Of?
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3521 (August 24 1941)

George Formby’s Crazy Record
(Alexander’s Ragtime Band + La Donna e Mobile/She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain + The Old (New) Sow)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3550 (October 5 1941)

I Played On My Spanish Guitar/Swing Mama
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3553 (October 5 1941)

I’d Do It With A Smile/The Barmaid At The Rose And Crown
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3567 (August 24 1941)

Formby Film Favourites
(When We Feather Our Nest + Our Sergeant Major/The Isle Of Man + Hitting The High Spots)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3599 (mixed January 61942)

Katy Did, Katy Didn’t/Frank On His Tank
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3619 (March 12 1942)

Smile All The Time/Out In The Middle East
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MP-3624 (March 12 1942)

Got To Get Your Photo In The Press/Mr. Wu’s An Air Raid Warden Now
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3640 (May 31 & June 7 1942)

Talking To The Moon About You/Delivering The Morning Milk (reissue)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3645 (May 31 1942)

Andy The Handy Man/They Laughed When I Started To Play
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3648 (May 31 1942)

Thirty Thirsty Sailors/Hold Your Hats On
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3654 (August 24 1942)

The Cook House Serenade/You Can’t Love Two Girls At The Same Time
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3663 (October 11 1942)

When The Waterworks Caught Fire/The Baby Show
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3672 December l7 1942)

Sitting On Top Of Blackpool Tower/Sentimental Lou
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3682 (February 17 1943)

When The Lads Of The Village Get Crackin’/Home Guard Blues
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3689 (October 11 & December 17 1942)

Under The Blasted Oak/Oh! You Have No Idea
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3694 (October 11 l942/July 8 1943 & December 17 1942)

British Isles medley
(Hearts Of Oak + Men Of Harlech + John Peel + On Ilkla Moor + Loch Lomond + Auld Lang Syne + Come, Landlord, Fill The Flowing Bowl)/
American medley
(My Old Kentucky Home + Camptown Races + She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain + Old Folks At Home + Oh Suzannah + Over There + Anchors Aweigh)
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3705 (July 14 1943)

On The HMS Cowheel/Bunty’s Such A Big Girl Now
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3710 (July 14 1943)

If I Had A Girl Like You/Bell Bottom George
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3720 (November 7 1943)

It Serves You Right (You Shouldn’t Have Joined)/Swim’ Little Fish
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3723 (November 7 1943 & January 10 1944)

The “V” Sign Song/Old Cane Bottom Chair
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3736 (May 14 1944)

Our Fanny’s Gone All Yankee/Unconditional Surrender
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3745 (November 11 1944)

Blackpool Prom/Mr. Wu’s In The Air Force
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3750 (November 11 1944)

The Daring Young Man/I’d Like A Dream Like That
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3760 (June 10 1945)

She’s Got Two Of Everything/Up In The Air And Down In The Dumps
Regal Zonophone 78rpm MR-3761 (June 10 1945)

You Don’t Need A Licence For That/The Mad March Hare
Columbia 78rpm FB-3251 (March 23 1946)

It Could Be/We’ve Been A Long Time Gone
Columbia 78rpm FB-3262 (March 23 1946)

Auntie Maggie’s Remedy/Come Hither With Your Zither
Decca 78rpm F-9356 (January 21 1950)

Leaning On A Lamp Post/When I’m Cleaning Windows
Decca 78rpm F-9444 (January 21 1950)

Saving Up For Sally/Pleasure Cruise
His Master’s Voice 78rpm B-10179 (November 5 1951)

Ordinary People/Zip Goes A Million
His Master’s Voice 78rpm 8-10180 (November 5 1951)

Happy-Go-Lucky Me/Banjo Boy
Pye 45rpm 7N-15269 (May 11 1960)


From the mid-1950s onwards both E.M.I. and Decca began reissuing the above recordings on EP, LP and eventually CD. By the 1980s, numerous independent labels also released collections of Formby tracks on LP and CD, which were no longer covered by copyright. Fifty years after his death, there are dozens of such compilations.

The following releases, however, are not taken from 78rpm studio recordings …

Formby At War
Grosvenor CD CDGRS 1224 (1991)
taken from four live performances, recorded for E.N.S.A. …
* from What Is The Stuff To Give To The Troops of May 16 1942:
Auntie Maggie’s Remedy
Frank On His Tank
Guarding The Homes Of The Home Guard.
Chinese Laundry Blues
When I’m Cleaning Windows
from Troop Concert (somewhere in France) of March 26 1940:
With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock
Imagine Me On The Maginot Line
When The Lads Of The Village Get Crackin’
from The RAF Takes The Air of July 22 1942:
Thirty Thirsty Sailors
Out In The Middle East
Mr. Wu Is Now An Air Raid Warden
lt’s In The Air
from Let The People Sing of November 27 1940:
Little Ukulele
Down The Old Coal Hole
Bless ‘Em All

V For Victory
Redrock CD RKD 23 PPL (1995)
reissue of the Grosvenor CD Formby At War, with minor amendments including the addition of extracts from George’s BBC Postscipt (with snippets of The V Sign Song)

George Formby At The Flicks
President CD PLCD 554 (1996)
I Could Make A Good Living At That
lt’s In The Air
They Can’t Fool Me
Goodnight, Little Fellow, Goodnight
Pardon Me
I’m Making Headway Now
I Couldn’t Let The Stable Down
I Wish I Was Back On The Farm
Count Your Blessings And Smile
Oh Don’t The Wind Blow Cold
The Emperor Of Lancashire
You’re Everything To Me
You Can’t Go Wrong In These
I Played On My Spanish Guitar
I’d Do It with A Smile
The Barmaid At The Rose And Crown
When The Lads Of The Village Get Crackin’
Home Guard Blues
Bell Bottom George
It Serves You Right
Got To Get Your Photo In The Press
Hill Billy Willie
Unconditional Surrender


George Formby Collection
Studio Canal 4-disc set OPTD0895 (2007)
includes seven films:
No Limit
I See Ice
Let George Do It
Turned Out Nice Again
It’s in the Air
Come On George
Spare a Copper

Keep Your Seats Please
Studio Canal / Madman DVD MSC 022

Keep Fit
Studio Canal / Madman DVD MSC 023

The George Formby Film Collection
Sony 7-disc set
includes seven films:
South American George
Much Too Shy
Get Cracking
Bell Bottom George
He Snoops To Conquer
I Didn’t Do It
George In Civvy Street






George Formby
by Alan Randall and Ray Seaton (W.H. Allen, 1974)

The Entertainers – George Formby
by John Fisher (Woburn, 1975)

George Formby Complete
by Alan Randall and John Walley (Wise Publications)


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