If you’re a fan of the great comedy performers and shows of the 20th century, this site is for you. We’ve compiled career articles, episode guides, discographies, film listings, bibliographies and just about everything else collectors want to know.

Laughterlog’s information comes from …
actual recordings and known releases
* weekly radio/TV guides and daily newspapers (1930s to now)
* archival material of the radio/television networks
* script and recording collections at the BBC, UCLA, USC, Lincoln Center and the Library of Congress
* the expertise of comedy fans the world over

Laughterlog.com strives for accuracy … the articles and lists have been painstakingly researched. We avoid merely reprinting “facts” from books or other websites (many of which mindlessly copy and perpetuate inaccuracies without checking their information).

Our aim is to be regarded as the definitive source about 20th century comedy on the internet – providing the most detailed, well organised and accurate information anywhere.

Laughterlog.com articles are arranged in four basic categories, highlighting
* the great comedy performers
* the classic radio shows
* the legendary television programmes
* the notable film performers and series.
Each file includes background text, episode guides and a list of the various spinoff merchandising.

You’ll meet the great Schnozzola, Mo, George & Gracie, the Cheeky Chappie, Banjo Eyes, Bud & Lou, Jack & Cis, Dame Edna and dozens of others.

Check out the discographies (including track itemisations) of all the great 1960s LPs from the heyday of the comedy record. 

Read about film legends like Stan & Ollie, Groucho, Chico & Harpo, Will Hay, Moe, Larry & Curly, W.C. Fields, Mae West, George Formby, Wheeler & Woolsey, Joe E. Brown, the girls of St. Trinian’s and the Carry On gang.  

Hear about such radio greats as Charlie McCarthy, Big & Stinker, the residents of Allen’s Alley, the folk at McCackie Mansion, Ron & Eth, Eccles & Bluebottle, Julian & Sandy, Lady Constance de Coverlet and the stingy 39-year-old with baby blue eyes and a funny walk.

Investigate the TV classics that featured Ralph Kramden, Professor Jimmy Edwards, Pete & Dud, Dan & Dick & Goldie & Arte, Fred Scuttle, the Walmington-on-Sea platoon, the Ministry of Silly Walks, the staff at Grace Bros. and dozens of others.

Plus there’s a huge Bibliography, again split into four sections –
* biographies
* humorous works by comedy names
* spinoff publications about a particular show or film
* a list of reference sources for useful background information.

Simply go to the headings at the right titled PERFORMERS, RADIO, TV, FILM and the various BIBLIOGRAPHY sections for a complete list of all the subjects currently available in each of these categories. (Note that comedians whose career encompassed several media will be found in the PERFORMERS section, while those whose work was primarily in the movies will be found in the FILM section)   

Alternatively, you can access the INDEX tab at the top of the page for a complete list of the over 100 files currently available. To find a list of the ones added in the past few months, go to the NEW FILES tab in the menu along the top of the page.  The list is expanding every month, so keep visiting.

We’ll also be keeping track of relevant new releases of books, CDs and dvds (via the WHAT’S OUT tab at the top of this page). But remember, Laughterlog is an information site, not an excuse for selling stuff (to actually buy copies … go to your local store or check out Amazon or ebay). The only things you can purchase from us are the handful of SPECIAL ITEMS we’ve produced over the years (again, check out the relevant tab above). 

Similarly, we cannot offer evaluations of comedy related collectables (scripts, books, toys, etc.) and, owing to copyright considerations, are not able to provide recordings of any of the items you might find listed within the various profiles.

As Laughterlog continues to grow, your suggestions and contributions are welcome – see the CONTACT US page.

Happy hunting!

Peter T. Tatchell

(site supremo, with whom the buck stops and by whom the bucks are provided)

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